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Birth name Céline Marie Claudette Dion Born March 30, 1968 (March 30, 1968) (41 years old) Origin Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada Genres Pop, Pop rock Occupation Singer, songwriter, actress[1] Vocal instruments Years active 1980 -present Labels Seasons, Super Etoiles, TBS (1981-1986)
CBS Records Canada (1986-1990)
550 (1992-2000)
Epos (1990-2007)
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Celine Marie Claudette Dion(/seɪlɪn dɪɒn/ (help·info)), CC, OQ (born March 30, 1968) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman. Born into a large, poor family in Charlemagne, Quebec, Dion became a teen star in the French-speaking world after her manager and future husband, René Angélil, mortgaged her house to fund her first record.[2] In 1990 he released the album in English.harmony, established herself as a viable pop artist in North America and other English-speaking areas of the world.[3]

Dion first gained international recognition in the 1980s when he won the Yamaha World Folk Song Festivals in 1982 and 1988.Eurovision Singing Competition[4] [5] After a string of French-language albums in the early 1980s, he signed to CBS Records Canada in 1986. In the 1990s, he achieved worldwide fame with the help of Angélil after signing with Epic Records and releasing several albums in English. albums as well as other French albums, making him one of the most successful artists in pop music history. However, in 1999, at the height of her success, Dion announced that she would be temporarily retiring from entertainment to start a family and spend more time with her husband, who had been diagnosed with cancer. He returned to the forefront of pop music in 2002, signing a three-year deal (later extended to nearly five years) to perform nightly in a five-star stage show at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.[9] [10][11]

Dion's music has been influenced by genres ranging from rock and R&B to gospel and classical music. Although her releases often receive a mixed reception from critics, she is known for her technically proficient and powerful voice. Dion is the best-selling Canadian artist of all time;[15][16] and her album,Of theit is the best-selling French-language album of all time.[17] After selling 175 million albums worldwide, she received the Chopard Diamond Award at the 2004 World Music Awards for becoming the best-selling female artist of all time. In April 2007, Sony BMG announced that Celine Dion had sold more than 200 million albums worldwide.[20]


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//life and musical careerchildhood and first steps

The youngest of fourteen children of Adhémar Dion and Thérèse Tanguay, both of French Canadian descent, Céline Dion grew up as a Roman Catholic in a poor but self-reported happy home in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada.[7] ][21] Music is always part of the family (Dion was named "Céline" from the music French singer Hugues Aufray recorded two years before he was born [22]) because he grew up singing with his hands on the music small piano of his parents. Bar called "Le Vieux Baril". From an early age, Dion dreamed of becoming an artist.[12] In a 1994 interview withPeopleSpeaking in the magazine, she recalled, "I missed my family and home, but I don't regret missing youth. I had a dream: I wanted to be a singer.”

At the age of twelve, Dion collaborated with her mother and brother Jacques to compose her first song, "Ce n'était qu'un rêve" ("It was only a dream"). His brother Michel Dondalinger Dion sent the recording to musical director René Angélil, whose name he discovered on the back cover of a Ginette Reno album.[24] Angélil was moved to tears by Dion's voice and determined to make her a star.[21] He mortgaged his house to finance his first album,the voice of the good god(a pun on "God's Voice/God's Way", 1981), which became a local number one and made Dion an instant star in Quebec. His popularity spread to other parts of the world when he competed at the 1982 Yamaha World Folk Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan and won the Musician's Award for Best Actor and the Gold Medal for Best Song with "Tellement". j 'ai d'amour pour toi" ("I have so much love for you").[24]

In 1983, Dion not only became the first Canadian artist to receive a gold record in France for the single "D'amour ou d'amitié" ("Of Love or Friendship"), but also won several Félix Awards, including Best Female Artist. Artist" and "Discovery of the Year". [24] [25] Further success in Europe, Asia and Australia came when Dion conquered Switzerland in the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Ne partez pas sans moi" ("Don't Go Without Me") and won the competition by a narrow margin in Dublin, Ireland.[26] However, American success was still a long way off, in part because she was an exclusively French-speaking artist.[27] At the age of eighteen, after she After seeing Michael Jackson perform, Dion told Angélil that she wanted to be a star like Jackson.[28] While confident in her talent, Angélil realized that her image needed to be changed so that she could be marketed worldwide. [21] Dion disappeared from the limelight for several months, underwent dental surgery to improve her looks and was sent to École Berlitz to improve her English in 1989, marking the beginning of his English music career.

Career breakthrough: 1990-1992Dion's first English releases Where Does My Heart Beat Now (1990)

"Where Does My Heart Beat Now," Dion's first North American hit, was a 1980s soft rocker (note the electric guitar highlight). It contrasts with the style of later efforts. "Beauty and the Beast"(1991)

"Beauty and the Beast" was heavily influenced by classical music, which became a key feature of Dion's later work.Problems listening to these files? Consult the multimedia help.

Two years after learning English, Dion debuted in the English-speaking marketharmony(1990), originally recorded by Laura Branigan.[24] He enlisted the help of many established musicians, including Vito Luprano and Canadian producer David Foster.[12] The album was heavily influenced by 1980s soft rock, which quickly found a niche in the adult contemporary radio format.harmonyalso hit the right note with the critics: Jim Faber vonweekly entertainmentHe wrote that Dion's voice was "tastefully unvarnished" and that she never attempted to "bring styles beyond her". Stephen ErlewinesAll the musicHe declared it "a fine and sophisticated American debut". The album's singles include "(If There Was) Any Other Way", "The Last to Know", "Unison" and "Where Does My Heart Beat Now", a smooth mid-tempo rock ballad that makes prominent use of the guitar made. .electrico the latter was his first single to reach the top 10 in the US.billboardHot 100, peaked at number four. The album established Dion as an emerging singer in the United States and throughout continental Europe and Asia.

In 1991, Dion was also a soloist on "Voices That Care," a tribute to US troops who fought in Operation Desert Storm. Dion's real international breakthrough came when she duetted with Peabo Bryson in the title track of the Disney animated film.Beauty and the Beast(1991).[4] The song captured a musical style that Dion would use in the future: sprawling ballads with a classical influence and smooth instrumentation. The song was both a critical and commercial success, becoming her second US top ten single and winning the Academy Award for Best Song and the Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group. Beauty and the Beast was released on Dion's 1992 self-titled album which, like their debut, had a heavy rock influence combined with elements of soul and classical music. Due to the success of the lead single and his collaborations with Foster and Diane Warren, the album was as well received as it washarmony. Other singles that had moderate success included "If You Asked Me To" (a cover of the Patti LaBelle song from the 1989 film).Licence to kill), which peaked at number four in the United States.billboardHot 100, oder Gospel-Töne „Love Can Move Mountains“ und „Nothing Broken But My Heart“.

As with Dion's previous releases, the album had an undertone of love. Also around this time, Dion released the album in FrenchDion singt Plamondon(1991). The album consisted mostly of covers but contained 4 new songs including "Des mots qui sonnent", "Je danse dans ma tête", "Quelqu'un que j'aime, quelqu'un qui m'aime" and "L' Amour Exist Encore." It was originally released in Canada and France between 1991 and 1992, but had an international release in 1994, the first French Celine Dion album to do so: "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)". became a big hit in France, peaking at number two and going gold. In Quebec, the album went gold on the day of its release. The date,Dion singt Plamondon1.5 million records sold worldwide.

1992harmony,Celine Dion, and media appearances propelled Dion to stardom in North America. He achieved one of his main goals: to gain a foothold in the English-speaking market and fame.[27] However, while she found growing success in the United States, her French fans in Canada criticized her for neglecting them. He later regained his fan base at the Felix Awards where, after winning English Artist of the Year, he openly refused to accept the award. She said she was and always will be a French artist, not an English one.[3][32] As well as her commercial success, there have also been changes in Dion's personal life as Angélil, 26 years her senior, went from manager to lover. However, the relationship was kept secret as both feared that the public would view their relationship as inappropriate.[33]

Established Popularity: 1993-1995

In 1993, Dion disclosed her feelings for her manager, declaring him "the color of [her] love" in the dedication section of her third English-language album.the color of my love. But instead of criticizing their relationship, as Dion feared, fans embraced the couple.[12] Finally, in December 1994, Angélil and Dion were married in an extravagant wedding ceremony that was broadcast live on Canadian television.

As it was dedicated to his manager, the album's theme focused on love and romance. It became her most successful album to date, selling over six million copies in the US, two million copies in Canada and reaching number one in many countries. The album also spawned Dion's first number one single in the US, Canada and Australia, "The Power of Love" (a remake of Jennifer Rush's 1985 hit), which would become her signature hit to reach new heights . 27] The single "When I Fall in Love", a duet with Clive Griffin, achieved moderate chart success in the US and Canada and was nominated for two Grammy Awards and won one.the color of my loveIt also became Dion's first big hit in Europe and particularly the UK. Both the album and the single "Think Twice" topped the UK charts simultaneously for five consecutive weeks. "Think Twice", which stayed at number one for seven weeks, eventually became the fourth single from a female artist to sell over one million copies in the UK, while the album eventually went five times platinum, selling two million copies.

Dion retained her French roots and continued to release many recordings in French between each English release. Overall, they gained more credibility than his English-language works.[31] she let goin olympia, a live album recorded in 1994 during one of Dion's concerts at the Olympia Theater in Paris.Of the(Also known asThe French albumin the United States), released in 1995, would go on to become the best-selling French album of all time.[36] Written and produced primarily by Jean-Jacques Goldman, the album enjoyed great success with the singles "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" and "Je sais pas". "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" reached number one in France and stayed at number one for twelve weeks. It was later certified platinum in France.[37] The single also reached the top ten in the UK and Ireland, a rare feat for a French song. The album's second single, "Je sais pas", also reached number one on the French singles chart and was certified silver in France. These songs later became "If That's What It Takes" and "I Don't Know" on Dion's next English album.In love with you.

Through the mid-1990s, Dion's albums continued to be based on melodramatic ballads, but also adult contemporary and up-tempo pop themes. She worked with talented craftsmen like Jim Steinman and David Foster, who helped her create more mature contemporary songs.[40][41] Critics like Charles Alexander vonTempoA, liked Dion's musical style, stating that "this voice glides effortlessly from deep whispers to deadly high notes, a sweet siren that combines strength with grace". [41] Others, such as Arion Berger vonweekly entertainment, stated that Dion's songs lack emotion and "neither require nor receive a personal touch".[42] As a result, she's earned frequent comparisons to the likes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. However, according to some critics, the songs bythe color of my loveThey weren't as consistent with others on their self-titled album, but were still quite successful due to Dion's songwriting and their "powerful performances". Though reviews fluctuated, Dion's releases continued to do well on the international charts, and in 1996 she won the World Music Award for "Best-selling Canadian Female Artist of the Year" for the third time. By the mid-1990s she had established herself as one of the best-selling artists in the world.[45]

Worldwide commercial success: 1996-1999musical diversityIn love with you"Falling in Love with You" (1996)

The slow title track was noted for its considerable use of percussion and saxophone. "Call the Man" (1996)

One of the album's final tracks, "Call the Man," features a choir singing and humming in an African language. "I Don't Know" (1996)

In love with youIt contained strange musical effects as synthesized from the single "I Don't Know". Now everything comes back to me

(Video) 1 Hour Ago / R.I.P Celine Dion / Heart stopped

"It's All Coming Back to Me Now" was a power ballad that fused orchestral flourishes with '80s rock.Problems listening to these files? Consult the multimedia help.

In love with you(1996), Dion's fourth English-language album, featured the singer at the peak of her popularity and continued to evolve her music.[33] In order to reach a wider audience, the album combined many elements such as complex orchestral sounds, African chants and elaborate musical effects. In addition, instruments such as the violin, Spanish guitar, trombone, cavaquinho and saxophone created a new sound.[46] The singles spanned a variety of musical styles. The title track "Falling into You" and "River Deep, Mountain High" (a cover by Tina Turner) made prominent use of percussion instruments; "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" (a new version of the song by Jim Steinman) and a new version of Eric Carmen's "All by Myself" kept their smooth rock atmosphere but combined with the classic piano sound; and the number one single "Because You Loved Me", written by Diane Warren, was a ballad that served as the theme song for the 1996 close range.[45]

In love with youreceived the best reviews of his career for Dion. While Dan Leroy wrote that it did not differ significantly from his earlier work,[47] and Stephen Holden vonThe New York Times newspaperand Natalie Nichols doLos Angeles Timeswrote that the album was formulaic, [48] [49] other critics such as Chuck Eddy vonweekly entertainment, Stephen Thomas Erlewine deAMGand Daniel Durchholz, praised the album as "compelling", "passionate", "stylish", "elegant" and "remarkably well done".In love with youIt became Dion's most critical and commercially successful album: it topped the charts in many countries and became one of the best-selling albums of all time. It also won the Grammy for Best Pop Album and Highest Academy Honors Album of the Year. Dion's status on the world stage was further cemented when she was asked to perform "The Power of Dreaming" at the opening ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.[53] In March 1996, Dion embarked on the Falling into You tour in support of her new album, playing shows around the world for over a year.

Dion followedIn love with youcomlet's talk about love(1997), which was promoted as a sequel.[54] The recording process took place in London, New York and Los Angeles and included several special guests such as Barbra Streisand on Tell Him; the Bee Gees on "Immortality"; and world-renowned tenor Luciano Pavarotti on "I Hate You Then I Love You".[33][55] Other musicians included Carole King, Sir George Martin, and Jamaican singer Diana King, who added a touch of reggae to "Treat Her Like a Lady."[56] As the name suggests, the album had the same theme as Dion's previous albums: "love". "Brotherly love" was also emphasized with "Where Is the Love" and "Let's Talk About Love".[57] The most successful single from the album became the classically influenced ballad "My Heart Will Go On", written and composed by James Horner and Will Jennings and produced by Horner and Walter Afanasieff. Serves as the love theme for the hit 1997 filmTitanic, the song topped the charts worldwide and became Dion's signature song;[58] as well as winning the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards for Best Original Song.[59] The singles "My Heart Will Go On" and "Think Twice" made her the only female artist in the UK to have two singles sell over a million copies.[60] In support of her album, Dion embarked on the Let's Talk About Love tour between 1998 and 1999.

Dion ended the 1990s with two other hugely successful albums: the Christmas Album.These are special times(1998) and the compilation albumUntil the end... A decade of songs(1999).[62] emThese are special times, Dion became more involved in the songwriting process. She co-wrote the songDon't save everything for Christmas Dayalong with Ric Wake and Peter Zizzo. The album had the most classical influence to date, with orchestral arrangements on virtually every track. "I'm Your Angel," a duet with R. Kelly, became Dion's fourth number-one single in the United States and another worldwide hit single.Until the end... A decade of songscollected their biggest hits along with seven new songs, including the lead single "That's the Way It Is," a cover of Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and "All the Way," a duet with Frank Sinatra . . [62] By the late 1990s, Celine Dion had sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and won numerous industry awards.[6] Her status as one of the music industry's biggest pop divas was further cemented when she was asked to appear on VH1.divas liveSpecial 1998 with superstars Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, Shania Twain and Mariah Carey.[64] That year he also received two of his country's highest honors: Officer of the Order of Canada for Outstanding Contribution to the World of Contemporary Music and Officer of the National Order of Quebec.[36] A year later she was inducted into the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame and honored with a star on Canada's Walk of Fame.[65] She also won the Grammy for "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" and the most coveted "Record of the Year" for "My Heart Will Go On" (the song won four awards, but two were given to songwriters). ]

During this time, the pop-rock genre that was most notable on their earlier releases was replaced with a more mature contemporary feel. However, the theme of "love" was retained on most of their releases, leading some critics to consider their music trite. Some critics, such as Elysa Gardner, praised her voice during this period, describing her as a "technical marvel".[13] However, others, such as Steve Dollar, have critiquedThese are special times, declared that Dion was a "singing Olympiad for whom no mountain or ladder is high enough".

Career break: 2000-2002

After releasing and promoting thirteen albums during the 1990s, Dion stated that she needed to establish herself and announced her latest album.Until the end... A decade of songs, who needed to get away from the limelight and enjoy life.[7][69] Angélil's throat cancer diagnosis also put her on hiatus.[70] During the break, Dion couldn't avoid the spotlight. In the year 2000 thenational investigatorpublished a false story about the singer. The magazine, which held up a photo of Dion and her husband, misquoted Dion and printed the headline, "Celine - 'I'm pregnant with twins!'"[71] Dion later sued the magazine for more than twenty million dollars.[72] The editors ofinvestigatorpublished an apology and full retraction from Dion in the next issue, and donated money to the American Cancer Society in honor of Dion and her husband. A year after the incident, after undergoing fertility treatment, Dion gave birth to a son, René-Charles Dion Angélil, on January 25, 2001 in Florida[73][74]. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, Dion returned to the music scene, singing "God Bless America" ​​in a television appearance at the America: A Tribute to Heroes benefit concert. Chuck Taylorbillboardwrote: "The performance ... evokes what has made her one of the most celebrated singers of our time: the ability to convey poignant emotion." Loving, meaningful and graceful, this is a musical reflection to share with We're all still looking for ways to deal with it." [75] In December 2001, Dion published her autobiography,My story, my dreamwho told his rags to riches story.[76]

Return to Music: 2002-2003Dion performs "God Bless America" ​​with members of the United States Air Force Reserve Band, 2002.

Dion is aptly titledA new day has dawned, released in March 2002, ended his three-year hiatus from the music industry. The album was Dion's most personal to date and established a more mature side of Dion with the songs "A New Day Has Come", "I'm Alive" and "Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)", a change that came with his new discovery . maternal responsibility because, as she herself says, “being a mother makes you grow up”[77]. She remarked: "A new day has dawnedFor René, for me it's the baby. It's about the baby... This song "A New Day Has Come" pretty much represents the mood I'm feeling right now. It represents the entire album."[8]A new day has dawneddebuted at number one on the Billboard 200, Dion's first [78], and eventually went 3x platinum in the United States [79].

Although the album was a commercial success, critical reviews suggested it was "memorable" and the lyrics "lifeless". Both Rob Sheffield fromRolling StoneMagazine and Ken Tucker ofweekly entertainment, stated that Dion's music had not matured during the break, calling her music trite and mediocre.[81][82] Salt of CinquemaníTiltThe magazine called the album "a fan-long collection of cloying pop." The first single from the album,A new day has dawnedIt peaked at number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was an airplay-only release. However, on Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks, the song spent 21 consecutive weeks at number 1, breaking the record for longest time at number 1. Previous record holders were Phil will be in my heartand Dion himselfbecause you loved meboth lasted nineteen weeks at #1. In 2002, she performed at several benefit concerts, the famous VH1 Divas Live, a benefit concert for the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, along with Cher, Anastacia, Dixie Chicks, Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston . , Cyndi Lauper and Stevie Nicks.

Dion was inspired by personal experiences and took offA heart(2003), an album depicting his appreciation for life.[85] The album consisted mostly of dance music, a departure from the high-flying melodramatic ballads for which it already received a mixed reception. Although the album achieved moderate success,A heartreceived mixed reviews, with words like "predictable" and "trivial" appearing in even the mildest of reviews. A cover of Cyndi Lauper's 1989 hit "I Drove All Night," released to launch her new advertising campaign with Chrysler,[88] featured dance-pop and rock 'n' roll. However, the endorsement deal itself received mixed reviews, with some claiming that Dion was trying to please her supporters.[89] However, people like Bonita Stewart, the director of marketing communications for Chrysler Group, stated that "Chrysler was struck by how its appeal crossed ethnic lines." He added, "She brings sophistication, sophistication, romance and passion to the brand."

AfterA heart, Dion released her next studio album in English,Wunder(2004).Wunderwas a multimedia project on babies and motherhood conceived by Dion and photographer Anne Geddes. The album was filled with lullabies and other songs about love and motherly inspiration, with the two most popular versions being Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" and John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy". the comments forWunderthey were mixed.[91] Stephen Thomas Erlewine of gave the album three stars out of five, saying, “The worst thing that can be said about the album is that there are no surprises, but the audience of this album doesn't want surprises; they want reassurance when it comes to music, elaborate or artistic newborn photos, and Miracle offers both, making it appealing to expectant or new mothers in Dion's audience.[91] Chuck Taylor frombillboardThe magazine wrote that the single "Beautiful Boy" was "an unexpected gem" and called Dion "a timeless and extremely versatile artist," [92] Chuck ArnoldPeopleHowever, the magazine called the album overly sentimental, [93] while Nancy Miller ofweekly entertainmenthe opined that "the whole action of Mother Earth is just opportunism to be reborn".[94]Wunderdebuted at number fourbillboard200 and number one in Canada, eventually being certified platinum by the RIAA.

The francophone album1 girl and 4 boys(1 girl and 4 boys, 2003) performed better than her first two comebacks and showed Dion trying to distance herself from the "diva" image. He recruited Jean-Jacques Goldman, Gildas Arzel, Eric Benzi and Jacques Veneruso, with whom he had already worked on two of his best-selling French albums.if loving was enoughmiOf the. Dubbed "The Pleasure Album" by Dion herself, the cover art featured Dion in a simple and relaxed manner, as opposed to the choreographed poses typically found on their album covers. The album achieved great commercial success in France, Canada and Belgium, where it reached number one. In France, the album debuted at number one and was later certified 2x platinum after selling over 700,000 copies. Review by Stephen ErlwineAll the musicwrote that Dion was "returning to pop basics and performing at a level long unparalleled".

Although her albums were commercially successful, they did not match the sales or reception of her earlier work. albums likeThe Collector's Series, Volume One(2000), miA heart(2003) did not do as well critically.[86][86]. His songs got less airtime as clubbers like Dion, Carey and Houston became less attractive to the radio, and he focused on more upbeat urban/hip-hop songs. However, by 2004, Dion had sold over 175 million albums worldwide and was recognized with the World Music Awards' Chopard Diamond Award for her achievements. According to the official World Music Awards website, the award is rare; it's not even "awarded every year" and an artist can only receive the award for selling "more than 100 million albums during their career".

Another day... Live in Las Vegas: 2003-2007

In early 2002, Dion had announced a three-year, 600-show deal to appear on a major entertainment show five nights a week.A new day..., in the Coliseum of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.[9] The move was considered "one of the smartest business decisions in years" by a major music artist. He got the idea for the show after seeing itÖby Franco Dragone at the beginning of his recording break, beginning March 25, 2003, in a 4,000-seat stadium designed for his concert.[9] Many stars attended opening night including Dick Clarke, Alan Thicke, Kathy Griffin and Justin Timberlake who hosted the television special. The show organized by Dragone was a combination of dance, music and visual effects. It included Dion performing her greatest hits against a variety of dancers and special effects. Critic Mike Weatherford felt that Dion wasn't initially as laid-back as she should have been, and the singer was hard to spot at times amid the excessive stage decorations and dancers. However, he noted that the show became more enjoyable due to Dion's improved stage presence and simpler costumes.

The show was also well received by audiences, despite complaints about the expensive tickets; The show routinely sold out until it ended in late 2007. Ticket prices averaged $135.33.[102] The show was choreographed by Mia Michaels who is a world famous choreographer. In accordance withpollster, Dion sold 322,000 tickets and grossed $43.9 million for the first half of 2005 and as of July 2005 had sold out 315 out of 384 performances. By the end of 2005, Dion had grossed more than $76 million, ranking sixthList of 2005 Billboard Money Makers.[104]A new was the sixth best-selling tour in America in 2006.[105] Due to the show's success, Dion's contract was extended until 2007 for an undisclosed sum. On January 5, 2007, it was announced that the show would end on December 15, 2007 and that tickets for the period after October 2007 would go on sale from March 1. During its entire run, the show grossed a total of $400 million and was watched by nearly 3 million fans. HeLive in Las Vegas - A New Day...The DVD was released in Europe on December 10, 2007 and in North America the following day.[109]

Back in the studio and world tour: 2007–presentCeline Dion on stage during a show in Montreal, Canada August 2008.

Dion's last album in French,From them (About you), released May 21, 2007, debuted at the top of the Canadian Albums Chart, selling 72,200 copies in its first week. This was their tenth number one album of the SoundScan era and their eighth to debut at number one. The album went double platinum in Canada and sold half a million copies worldwide in its first week.[110]From themit also reached number one in France and Belgium. The first single "Et s'il n'en restait qu'une (je serais celle-là)" ("And if only one woman stayed (It would be me)") debuted at the top of the French singles chart. a month before releasing his last album in English.take riskon November 12 in Europe and on November 13 in North America.[111] Her first English studio album since 2003.A heart, includes pop, R&B, and rock music.[112] Dion has worked with John Shanks, former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, as well as Kristian Lundin, Peer Astrom, Linda Perry, Japanese singer Yuna Ito and R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo. Dion stated, "I think this album represents a positive development in my career...I feel empowered, maybe a little bit bolder than I have in the past, and just as passionate about music and life as I have ever been." He kicked off his Taking Chances World Tour in South Africa on February 14, 2008, playing 132 stadiums and arenas across five continents.

The Taking Chances tour was a huge hit in the United States, reaching number one on the charts.billboardBoxscore and sold out every show in the US and Canada. He also appeared on Idol Gives Back for the second year in a row. Celine Dion was nominated for 6 Juno Awards in 2008 and led the panel of Canadians to receive that award. Dion added to her previous 53 nominations. His nominations included Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year (fortake risk), Francophone Album of the Year (forFrom them) and Album of the Year (for bothtake riskmiFrom them).[117] The following year, Dion was nominated for 3 Juno Awards including Fan Choice Award, Song of the Year (fortake risk) and Song of the Year on DVD (forLive in Las Vegas - A New Day...)[118]

On August 22, 2008, Celine Dion performed a free France-only concert to celebrate Quebec City's 400th anniversary at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, Canada. The celebration brought together around 490,000 people (total televised). the concert calledCeline in the plane, was released on DVD in Quebec on November 11, 2008 and in France on May 20, 2009.[121] At the end of October, his first full English greatest hits album, called , was released worldwideMy Love: Essential Collection.[122]. The album is available in two different editions: a one disc edition and a two disc edition calledMy love: Ultimate Essential Collection.

In May 2009, Celine Dion was named the 20th best-selling female artist of the decade in the United States and the second best-selling female artist of the decade in the United States, selling an estimated 17.57 million albums. In June 2009,Forbes Magazinereported that Celine Dion earned $100 million in 2008, surpassed only by Madonna. She was scheduled to return to Las Vegas in 2010 but due to her pregnancy this may not be possible[124]. In November 2009 it was announced that she had lost the baby but was still trying to have a child through fertility treatments.

art and image

Dion grew up listening to the music of Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Carole King, Anne Murray, Barbra Streisand and the Bee Gees, with whom she later collaborated. During her youth, which she spent performing with her other siblings at her parents' piano bar, she also sang many songs by Ginette Reno and other well-known Quebec artists. He also thanked Edith Piaf, Sir Elton John, Cher, Tina Turner and opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, as well as many soul singers of the 1960s, 70s and 80s including Roberta Flack, Etta James and Patti Labelle, whose songs he loved the most. later he would resume. His English-language material has been influenced by a variety of genres, including pop, rock, gospel, R&B and soul, and his lyrics focus on themes of poverty, world hunger and spirituality, with an overemphasis on love and romance. [34] 57] After the birth of her son, her work also began to emphasize maternal bonds and brotherly love. describe your voiceThe New York Times newspaperwrites: "Ms. Dion... is a singer with a thin, slightly nasal, high soprano voice with almost no vibrato and a formidable arsenal of technical ability who has the slightest wobble in pitch. And as her hit duets... have shown, she's a dependable harmony voice." -Stephen Holden,The New York Times newspaper.[127]

Dion has drawn considerable criticism from many critics who claim that her music often hides behind the conventions of pop and soul and is tainted with excessive sentimentality. According to Keith Harris ofRolling StoneMagazine: "[Dion's] sentimentality is bombastic and defiant rather than shy and withdrawn. Symbolic of a certain brand of pop sensibility: bigger is better, too much is never enough, and the more mature the emotion, the truer". communicated in English and thus gained more credibility.[31][130]

Dion is often considered one of the most influential voices in popular music[3][31][131] and has a vocal range of five octaves.[130] In a countdown of the 22 Greatest Voices in MusicBlender Magazineand MTV, it was ranked #9 (6th for a woman) and also #4EnsenadaMagazine list of the "100 Greatest Pop Singers".[14][132][133] On her debut, her understated vocals were greeted by many critics, and she was praised for her technical virtuosity and intensity. as Carlos Alejandro deTempowrites, "Her voice glides effortlessly from low whispers to dead high notes, a sweet siren that combines strength with grace." particularly Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey,[134] and she was heavily criticized for singing too much and for lacking the emotional intensity that was once part of her earlier work.[49][68] One reviewer noted that the emotion "seems to have been trained directly from her beautiful voice", leaving her with "more voice than heart". "My Heart Will Go On" (1998)

(Video) One Letter From Ryan Reynolds Changed Celine Dion's Life | Life Stories by Goalcast

One of Dion's biggest hits and one of the biggest hits of the 1990s, "My Heart Will Go On" received praise and disapproval from critics and fans alike.Problems listening to this file? Consult the multimedia help.

Many critics have claimed that Dion's involvement in the production aspect of her music is fundamentally absent, resulting in her work being overproduced[130] and impersonal.[31] Despite coming from a family where all his siblings were musicians, he never learned to play an instrument professionally. However, he helped compose many of his first songs in French and always tried to get involved in the production and recording of his albums. On his first English-language album, which he recorded before mastering the English language, he expressed his disapproval of the record, which could have been avoided had he taken a more creative role.[31] When he released his second album in EnglishCeline Dion, took more control over the production and recording process in hopes of allaying past criticism. She said: "For the second album, I said, 'Well, I have a choice, one more time, to be scared and not be 100% happy, or not be scared and be a part of this album.' This is my album. She would continue to be involved in the production of subsequent releases and help write some of their songslet's talk about love(1997) miThese are special times(1998).[136]

Dion is often the subject of ridicule and parody in the media and is often portrayed in shows such asMADtv,Saturday night live,Sud Park,Royal Canadian Air FarcemiThis hour has 22 minutesfor his strong accent and his movements on stage. However, Dion stated that the comments did not concern her and that she was flattered that people bothered to impersonate her.[77] She even invited Ana Gasteyer, who she spoofed on SNL, to come onstage at one of her performances. Although rarely politically open, in 2005 afterHurricane KatrinaDisaster in which Dion appearedLarry King is aliveand tearfully criticized the US government's slow response to help those affected by the hurricane: "There are still people waiting to be rescued. To me it's not acceptable... How can it be so simple to send planes to another country." Kill everyone in one second and destroy lives. We must serve our country.” very difficult. I have an opinion, but I'm a singer. I am not a politician.”[139]

Other activitiesCeline Dion is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Dion became an entrepreneur when she started her franchise restaurant."Nickel"in 1990. She has since parted with her interest in the network and is no longer affiliated with itNickelas of 1997. He also has an eyewear line and a perfume line manufactured by Coty, Inc.[140][141][142] In October 2004, Canada's national carrier Air Canada signed Dion as part of the new advertising campaign as the airline introduced new inflight service products and new aircraft designs. "You and I", the theme song sung by Dion, was written by advertisers working for Air Canada.[143] In 2003, Dion signed a deal with Coty to launch itPerfume Celine Dion[144] In April 2009, Dion also released her sixth fragrance,Elegant[145] Since its inception in 2003Perfume Celine Dionearned more than $500 million in retail sales.[146]

Dion has actively supported many charities around the world. She has sponsored the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CCFF) since 1982 and became the Foundation's National Celebrity Patron in 1993.[147] She is emotionally connected to the foundation; his niece Karine succumbed to the disease at the age of sixteen. In 2003, Dion, along with other celebrities, athletes and politicians, including Josh Groban and Yolanda Adams, supported "Universal Children's Day," a global fundraiser sponsored by McDonald's. The effort raised funds from more than 100 countries and benefited many orphanages and children's health organizations. Dion was also a big supporter of T.J. Martell Foundation, Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and many health and education campaigns. He also donated $1 million for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and hosted a fundraiser for the victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami, raising more than $1 million.[148] After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Celine Dion donated $100,000 to the China Children and Adolescents Fund and sent a letter to show her comfort and support.[149]

In January 2004, Celine Dion received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.[150] He dedicated his star to his father, who died the previous month. In 2007, Celine Dion was ranked byForbes Magazineas the fifth richest woman in entertainment with an estimated net worth of $250 million.[151] In May 2008 he also received France's highest honor, the Légion d'honneur. In August 2008 he received an honorary doctorate in music from the Université Laval in Quebec City.[152]


The following is a list of Dion's Anglophone and Francophone studio albums. For a full list of her albums, see Celine Dion's Albums Discography.

English studio albums

  • harmony(1990)
  • Celine Dion(1992)
  • the color of my love(1993)
  • In love with you(1996)
  • let's talk about love(1997)
  • These are special times(1998)
  • A new day has dawned(2002)
  • A heart(2003)
  • Wunder(2004)
  • take risk(2007)

French studio albums

  • the voice of the good god(1981)
  • Celine Dion sings Christmas(1981)
  • I have so much love...(1982)
  • the ways to my house(1983)
  • Christmas carols and stories(1983)
  • Melanie(1984)
  • is for you(1985)
  • Incognito(1987)
  • Dion singt Plamondon(1991)
  • Of the(1995)
  • if loving was enough(1998)
  • 1 girl and 4 boys(2003)
  • From them(2007)

LiederSubsequent singles reached the top 5 in Canada, US, UK or France. For a complete singles discography, see Celine Dion singles discography. Top positions in one year CAN US UK FRA 1990 "Where is my heart at now?" 6 4 72 20 1992 "If You Asked Me" 3 4 57 - "Beauty and the Beast" (duet with Peabo Bryson) 2 9 9 - 1993 "The Power of Love" 1 1 4 3 "Un garçon pas comme les autres ( Ziggy)" - - - 2 1994 "Think Twice" 14 95 1 - 1995 "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" - - 7 1 "Je sais pas" - - - 1 "Because you loved me" 1 1 5 19 1996 "It All Comes Back To Me Now" 2 2 3 13 "All By Myself" - 4 6 5 1997 "Tell Him"​​(duet with Barbra Streisand) 12 - 3 4 1998 "The Reason" - - 11 1 "My Heart Will Go On" 14 1 1 1 "Immortality" (duet with the Bee Gees) - - 5 15 "I'm Your Angel" (duet with R. Kelly) 37 1 3 97 "S'il suffisait d'aimer" - - - 4 2000 "I Want You to Need Me" 1 - - - 2001 "Sous le vent" (duet with Garou) 14 - - 1 2002 "A New Day Has Come" 2 22 7 23 2003 " I Drive All Night " 1 45 27 22 "Tout l'or des hommes" 2 - - 3 2005 "Je ne vous oublie pas" - - - 2 2007 " Et s' il n'en restait qu'une (je serais celle -là)" - - - onetripsYear Title Format 1983-1984 The Ways of My House Tour Nenhum 1985 It's for you Tour VinylCeline Dion in concert1988 Incognito None Tour 1990-1991 Unison Tour VHSharmony1992-1993 Gira de Celine Dion Ninguno 1994-1995 Gira The Color of My Love VHS/DVDConcert The color of my love; CDin olympiaIn 1995 they tour on VHS/DVDLive in Paris; CDLive in Paris1996-1997 VHS de la Gira Falling into Youlebe in Memphis1998-1999 Let's Talk About Love VHS/DVD TourIn the heart of the stadium; CDIn the heart of the stadium2003-2007A new day...DVD/BDLive in Las Vegas - A New Day...; CDAnother day... Live in Las VegasDVD de la gira take risks 2008-2009Celine in the plane; DVD/BDlive in Quebec;game tripFilmography

  • touched by an angel
  • and grandmother
  • all my children
  • To Celine's annoyance
  • flowers in the snow

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Johnny Logan Eurovision Song Contest Winner
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studio albumsthe voice of the good god·Celine Dion sings Christmas·I have so much love...·the ways to my house·Christmas carols and stories·Melanie·is for you·Incognito·Dion singt Plamondon·Of the·if loving was enough·1 girl and 4 boys·From them

English language
studio albumsharmony·Celine Dion·the color of my love·In love with you·let's talk about love·These are special times·A new day has dawned·A heart·Wunder·take risk

Live-AlbenCeline Dion in concert·in olympia·Live in Paris·In the heart of the stadium·Another day... Live in Las Vegas

compilationsFrom the sun to the heart·Celine Dion's Greatest Hits·birds of happiness·golden songs·The best of·the first years·Goldband 1·gold band two·is to live·The Collection 1982-1988·the first singles·Until the end... A decade of songs·The Collector's Series, Volume One·the indispensable·The most beautiful love songs.·we don't change·Let's talk about love / I'm falling in love with you / A new day has come·preferably complete·ultimate coffin·My Love: Essential Collection

Videographyharmony·Concert The color of my love·Live in Paris·lebe in Memphis·In the heart of the stadium·Until the end... A decade of music and videos·we don't change·Live in Las Vegas - A New Day...·Celine in the plane

Touren Roads to My Home-Tour·This is for your tour·anonymous tour·turns in unison·Gira von Celine Dion·The color of my love tour·Deles Torre·Spin traps into you·Let's talk about the tour of love.· A new day...·That's just the woman in me·game trip

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Celine Dion English Singlesharmony"(If There Was Another Way)"·"unity"·"Where My Heart Beats Now"·"Last to Know"·"Zehn Heart"

(Video) Is Celine Dion Straining Here? A Vocal Coach's Unfiltered Answer...

Celine Dion"Beauty and the Beast"·"if you ask me"·"Nothing is broken but my heart"·"Love can move mountains"·"Mouth Washer"·"You've Given Enough Love"

the color of my love"When I Fall in Love"·"The Power of Love"·"not correct"·"think again"·"One Direction Only"·"Next Plane Out"·"Just go"·"To Love You More"

in olympia"call you"

In love with you"(You make me feel like a natural woman)"·"In love with you"·"Because you loved me"·"Now it all comes back to me"·"The Power of Dreams"·"Solo"·"Call the Man"·"Make you happy"·"Dreams of you"

let's talk about love"Tell him"·"Be the Man"·"The reason"·"My heart will continue to beat"·"Immortality"·"when i need you"·"I hate you, therefore I love you"·"Miles to Go (Before Sleep)"·"Treat Her Like A Lady"·"To Love You More"

These are special times"I am your angel"·"The prayer"·"Don't Save Everything for Christmas Day"

Until the end... A decade of songs"This is the state of affairs"·"for you to look at me"·"Live (For The One I Love)"·"The First Time I Saw Your Face"·"I want you to need me"·"If Walls Could Talk"

A new day has dawned"A new day has dawned"·"There's Still Love"·"I'm alive"·"Goodbye (The Saddest Word)"·"Finally"

A heart"I drove all night"·"You were in love"·"A heart"·"stay by your side"·"Fe"

Another day... Live in Las Vegas"You and me"

Wunder"Beautiful child"·"Wunder"·"Kind of Small"

take risk"take risk"·"Eyes On Me"·"A World to Believe"·"Solo"

My Love: Essential Collection"My beloved"

Einfache Outros "Listen to the Magic Man"·"Michaels Lied"·"I can't live with you, I can't live without you"·"Voices That Care"·"Love Lights the World"·"Send Me A Lover"·"It's hard to say goodbye"·"Do you have a boyfriend"·"God bless America"·"What more can I give"·"You rocked me all night"·"Come Together Now"·"To sing"

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Celine Dion French Singlesthe voice of the good god"It was just a dream"·"The Voice of the Good Lord"·"Love Will Come"

I have so much love..."I have so much love for you"·"Of Love or Friendship"

the ways to my house"My boyfriend left me"·"I am not sorry"

Christmas carols and stories"Kind"

Melanie"a pigeon"·"The Dream of My Life"·"One Love for Me"

is for you"is for you"·"It is to live"

golden songs"Do what you want"

Incognito"We went through a mirror"·"Incognito"·"Lolita (Too Young To Love)"·"Like a Cold Heart"·"Don't go without me"·"Dame"·"First, what is love?"·"Fever Days"

Dion singt Plamondon"Sonorous Words"·"Love Still Exists"·"I'm dancing in my head"·"Someone I love, someone who loves me"·"A Kid Like No Other (Ziggy)"

Of the"For You To Love Me Again"·"I do not know"·"Determination"·"Ballet"·"I'll go where you go"

Live in Paris"The last will be the first"·"I have waited"

if loving was enough"Zora Smiles"·"When Love Is Enough"·"We don't change"·"While Waiting for Your Steps"·"I believe in you"

(Video) Céline Dion - That's The Way It Is (Official Video)

In the heart of the stadium"In Another World"

1 girl and 4 boys"All Gold for Men"·"And I still love you"·"Against Nature"·"I will tell"

we don't change"I will not forget you"·"All Secrets"·"I believe in you"

From them"And If There Was Only One Left (It Would Be The Only One)"·"Immensity"·"The time that counts"·"We fell in love because"·"A reason"

andere Singles

"Look How Beautiful It Is"·"Hungry Eyes"·"In the Hand of a Wizard"·"Michael's Ballad"·"Sperm"·"The Universe Needs Love"·"I wouldn't like to"·"The nun"·"Bigger than me"·"Down the Wind"·"My New France"·"Close to Happiness"

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Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1950 Lys Assia·corry brock·andre claveau·Teddy Scholten

1960 Jacqueline Boyer·Jean-Claude Pascual·Isabel Aubret·Grethe and Jörgen Ingmann·lily five·France Rooster·Jurgens is wet·sandie shaw·massiel·Frida Boccara·Lenny Kuhr·Pulver·Salome

1970 dancing·the North·Vicky Leandros·Anne-Marie David·ABBA·teaches a·brotherhood of men·Maria Miriam·Izhar Cohen / Alphabet·Gali Atari / Milk and Honey

1980 Johnny Logan·dollars hiss·Nicholas·Corinne Hermes·Herrey's·Media!·Sandra Kim·Johnny Logan·Celine Dion·Riva

1990 Toto Cutugno·Carola·Linda Martin·Niamh Kavanagh·Paul Harrington/Charlie McGettigan·secret garden·eymer quinn·Katrina and the Waves·dana international·Charlotte Nilson

Olsen brothers from the 2000s·Tanel Padar / Dave Benton / 2XL·Maria N.·Sertab Erener·Ruslana·Elena Paparizou·Herr·Marija Serifović·Dima Billan·Alexander Rybak

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Selected participants inCongratulations: 50 years of the Eurovision Song Contest

ABBA·brotherhood of men· Celine Dion·Sertab Erener·France Rooster·dana international·Johnny Logan·Domingos Modugno·youth·Nicholas·Olsen brothers·Elena Paparizou·Richard Cliff

Personal Information NAME Dion, Celine Marie Claudette, OC, OQ ALTERNATIVE NAMES Dion, Celine SHORT DESCRIPTION Canadian singer and actor DATE OF BIRTH 30 March 1968 PLACE OF BIRTH Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH

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