Elden Ring: Every Ending Explained (2023)


Elden Ring can end in a variety of ways depending on the choices you make throughout the game, but what do game endings really mean?

This article contains spoilers forold ring.

Whileold ringis clearly definedother FromSoftware titlesthrough its huge open world full ofaventuraYmysteries, the game contains the same brand ofblunt narrationand the convoluted history that helped make FromSoftware's other titles (particularlydark soulsseries) famous. It also means that you'll likely reach the game's various endings and have no idea what they mean or how you managed to get there.

As much as I can, I'll let you knowold ringoffers relatively few definitive narrative answers, and these hidden in-game answers are unlikely to be uncovered in the coming months. Part of the joy of playing a FromSoftware game is learning to get confused every now and then, and that certainly applies when it comes to explaining or even talking about the game's ending. These intentionally ambiguous endings must be discussed, dissected, and debated.

To start this discussion, here's a look at our opinion.old ring'Endings mean and, more importantly, how to unlock them.


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How many endings can you unlock in Elden Ring?

As far as anyone can tell, there are six endings available inold ring. While it's possible to play the game so that you have multiple endings to choose from until you reach the end (with one notable exception, which we'll discuss in a moment), you'll have to choose an ending yourself. . 'I will see.

For what it's worth, there appears to be a seventh ending in the game currently known as the Age of Absolution ending. However, it's currently not entirely clear if this ending is real or just an urban legend fueled by misinterpreted data mining information. When we learn more about the rumored Age of Absolution ending (or other additional endings inold ring), we will definitely let you know how to unlock it.

Elden Ring: Explanation of the end of the fracture era

That's itold ringThe ending is simple (or, if you prefer, "regular"). You see that you finally fix the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord. A voiceover that accompanies this ending talks about how "the fallen leaves tell the story of how a Tainted Elden became a Lord" and notes that "our seed will remember us and celebrate an age of disruption".

On the surface, this appears to be one of them.old ringThe "good" endings of . At least it's the ending where you complete the task presented to you at the beginning of the game exactly as it was presented to you. The Elden Ring has been restored, you have become an Elden Lord, and it looks like the dreaded Age of Fracture has finally come to an end.

However, fans have pointed out that previous Soulsborne endings, in which your character ascended to a position of apparent power, usually came with a catch. In this case, the mysterious nature of Lord Elden's title, as well as the bizarre circumstances that led to the throne being abandoned in the first place, make it easy to speculate that this whole arrangement is more sinister than it appears.

Are you just a puppet in someone else's game? By taking on the title of Elden Lord, are you just setting yourself up to be corrupted or perhaps killed? What will be the long-term consequences of a Tainted Elder becoming a Lord? At the very least, the game's other possible endings suggest that the "best" ending is inEldenringit may depend on how you interpret what you learn during the game and the importance of some characters you meet along the way.


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In the end, I suspect choosing this ending doesn't necessarily seal your fate one way or another. I'm intrigued to see what knowledge seekers discover about the exact nature of this arrangement, but in many ways it appears to be the simplest and most logical conclusion.

Elden Ring: How to Unlock the End of Fracture Era

As far as I can tell, anyone capable of defeatingold ringThe final boss can access this ending. It seems like you don't need to do anything else to see it other than the things you would need to do to fight this boss.

However, it's worth noting that unlocking any of the endings we'll be discussing shortly will prevent you from seeing that (or any other) ending.

Elden Ring: The End of the Age of Stars Explained

In this ending, you choose to become Ranni's consort and help Ranni become a god (essentially replacing Marika in the process). Using her newfound power, Ranni bathes the Midlands in moonlight, which she claims will free the lost souls trapped by the Tree of Earth. In doing so, he will also begin a thousand-year journey known simply as the Age of Stars.

This is a very strange ending. The basic idea here seems to be that choosing Ranni over Marika gives everyone freedom and destroys old power structures. On the surface, this certainly seems like a good thing, but here's what Ranni has to say about her own intentions:

“In the order I imagine. Mine will be an order, not of gold, but of the stars and moon of cool night. It would keep them off the ground under our feet. As it is now, life, souls and order are closely related, but I would have pushed them away. And to be sure of vision, emotion, belief and touch... Everything becomes impossible. Therefore, I would leave this land, with my command."


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It almost gives the impression that she intended for all living things to "rise" above the trappings of our mortal world. While it's easy to see how this could lead to the end of all traditional structures of pain and power, it also seems that this process could destroy aspects of humanity and some of the comforts that come with humanity. You could argue that not wanting these comforts means they aren't comforts anymore, but... well, things start to get a little more philosophical.

Ultimately, there seems to be a risk that siding with the Ranni could lead to entirely new problems, but given everything that's happened so far, it's easy to see why some players might be willing to risk a whole new world to jump in and donate. . the old man gets up

Elden Ring: How to Unlock Star Age's End

You have to level up in the Ranni courseold ringto make this ending work, which basically means doing the following:

  • Defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
  • Complete the Ranni quest line (thisguidewill help tell you how)
  • Place the Dark Moon Ring on Ranni's finger
  • Summon Ranni after defeatingold ringthe last boss

Elden Ring: The End of the Age of Order Explained

On the surface, this ending looks a lot like the ending of Age of Fracture. The big difference is that players use the Perfect Order Mending Rune on the fractured Marika to restore the Earth Tree, and the narrator mentions that her seed will look back and remember that this was the "Age of Order".

This is another weird ending. The basic idea seems to be that you've somehow restored order to the Midlands, but there's healthy debate about what you've actually accomplished.

The popular theory at the moment is that you fundamentally altered the will of the gods so that they are not as emotional and prone to betraying each other or suffering from other, more fundamental emotions. The narrator's specific words have led some to believe that, by bringing the Midlands to a more peaceful time, he has slightly delayed the timeline, though it might be more accurate to say that the implication is that that time is due. His actions will be remembered differently and not that you have reset or undone the timeline in theBack to the Futuremeaning of this concept.


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This certainly looks like one of the better endings.old ring, and it can certainly be argued that it is the absolute best version of the end of the Age of Fracture. There's still no telling where things will go from here, and I'm curious about some of the other ways this ending differs (for better or worse) from the Age of Fracture ending.

Elden Ring: How to Unlock the End of Age of Order

  • He agrees to help Brother Corhyn in his quest for the golden mask.
  • Acquire the Law of Regression spell.
  • Cast the Law of Regression spell on the statue near Earth Tree Shrine. Let Gold Mask know when you're done.
  • Find Corhyn in Leyndell, Ashen Capital after defeating Malekith. Next, you need to go to the cliffs of the Colosseum, where you will find the Rune of Perfect Order Recomposition on the body of the Golden Mask. This item allows you to unlock this ending.

For more information on how to complete this series of quests, seethis guide.

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Elden Ring: Explanation of the end of the era of Duskborn

This ending is another variation of the Age of Fracture ending, in which the player character still becomes an Elden Lord. The big difference this time around is that the player chooses to use the Prince of Death's healing rune on the broken Marika, which restores the Rune of Death and frees the Midlands from the curse of immortality. His accession to the throne also takes place amidst a tremendous rain of dust.

The basic idea here seems to be that things can now properly die again in Lands Between, which would apparently mean that the resurrection effect you've enjoyed throughout the game is no longer available (at least from a historical perspective). life can now unfold more naturally.

This looks like another option for a "happy ending" to the game, though the long-term impact of your choices remains to be seen. I know it seems odd to suggest that restoring the ability to die is a good thing, but it could be argued that this ending comes as close as possible to overthrowing the old power structure, while preserving most things on Earths. Averages that are really good and pure. At least it looks like a better "reboot" ending than the ones we're about to talk about...

Elden Ring: How to Unlock the Age of Duskborn Ending

To unlock this ending, you need to complete a long and convoluted questline for Fia, which eventually ends with her acquiring the Prince of Death's repair rune (which you can use later in the game to trigger this ending).

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Since this questline is so convoluted and difficult to follow in normal play, I'd recommend checking it out.this guideif you are interested in unlocking this ending.

Elden Ring: Blessing of Despair ending explained

like so many ofold ringIn the other endings, you finally become the Elden Lord in this ending. The big twist here, though, is that you've chosen to side with the Dung Eater, who will help you curse the Midlands and all who dare inhabit it. Yep, you just made things worse for a world that was obviously in pretty bad shape to begin with.

Unless you believe that the middle lands are inaccessible and full of people and things that deserve to suffer, it's pretty hard to argue that this is a "good" ending in every sense of the word. This is an ending that is born out of the Dung Eater's (admittedly understandable) resentment towards the Midlands and everything in this world.

There may be something cathartic about the idea of ​​plunging this world that has given you so much pain into a cursed age, but it certainly feels like one of the less ambiguous endings in terms of what the world will turn out to be after all. To be ready. Of course, I may have completely missed another way of looking at this ending. If so, let me know about this alternative interpretation in the comments below.

Elden Ring: How to Unlock the Blessing of Despair

  • Give the Dungeon Eater a Curse Item from the Menagerie once he enters the Round Table Basement.
  • Use the key the dungeon hunter gives you to access the underground lands below Leyndell.
  • Release the Dung Eater's corporeal form from his cell in the Precaution Camp.
  • Talk to the round table in the dungeon's dining room and defeat it.
  • Give the Dung Eater's human form four more Hotbed Curses and obtain Furbane's Mending Rune. This will allow you to select that ending.

For more information on how to complete this quest, seethis guide.

Elden Ring: Frenzied Flame Lord Ending Explained

this is absolutely wildold ringYou end up embracing the Three Finger Raging Flame and choosing to become the Raging Flame Lord instead of the Elden Lord. This means, among other things, that you choose to destroy the Earth Tree and basically burn it to the ground. It might be a little dramatic to say that you've just unleashed the apocalypse, but that seems to be the gist of it all.


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I heard it was described asold ringThe worst ending, and I certainly understand why. After all, the decision to become the center of the end of the world is at least some kind of selfish move that will apparently lead to almost total death and destruction. At least the bliss of despair ended with humans living a cursed existence. This ending implies that (at least for a while) nothing can exist.

Still, I've heard some people argue that this ending is really about chaos and not evil, which is certainly an intriguing way to look at it. Technically, one could suggest that, after all is said and done, it is possible to build a new and better world from scratch, although it is a somewhat optimistic prospect, not only at odds with the nihilistic nature of this ending, but also where you have subscribed to the idea that none of the other final options could have led to a better world.

For what it's worth, the last film in this ending is arguably the most visually satisfying of all the conclusions. So if you like you can watch it all burn.


How to unlock Lord of Frenzied Flame ending

  • Complete Irina and Edgar's quest line in Weeping Peninsula. This quest must end with Irina's death and Edgar's promise of revenge.
  • Deliver Shabriri Grapes to Hyetta at the Purified Ruins and Gate City Bridge.
  • Give a set of fingerprints to Hyetta at Bellum Church. You can acquire this grape by defeating the Festering Finger Vyke in the Church of Inhibition.
  • Meet Hyetta at the Subterranean Avoid Grounds and dispose of all of your clothing and equipment before entering the Raging Flame door. A cutscene will play that will lock you into this ending.

There are a few other things to know about this ending:

  • I've heard that you can skip the questline with Hyetta if you know you need to go through the Raging Flame door with no clothes on, but I haven't had a chance to try that myself.
  • Choosing the Frenzied Flame ending means you cannot access any other endings in the game. If you want to remove this curse, you need to beat Gowry and Milicent's quest line, defeat Malenia, use the nearby Scarlet Blossom, which seems to turn the pure gold needle into Miquella's needle, and finally, equip the needle in the arena. from Dragonlord Placidusax. Here it isa counselorThis will give you a little more information on how to complete this process.
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