Elden Ring Mohg, Chief Omen's Guide (2023)

Mohg the Omen is one of the many optional bosses in the Elden Ring. Defeating him isn't necessary to progress through the main story, but if players do, they can put the loot he drops after his death to good use. The following guide explains everything you need to know about Mohg, the boss of Omen in the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Mohg, the place of omen

To reach Mohg the Omen, players must walkUnderground Bypass Areas. It starts at Dell Capital City Lane and arrives at Grace Place Balcony Avenue. Follow the map image below to get to the exact location.

Elden Ring Mohg, Chief Omen's Guide (1)

Go straight and then jump onto a roof to the left. Try to ignore the mobs on the road as much as possible.

Now, after going a bit further from this point, jump into the pit on the right. Open the door on the left and go straight.

After going a little further, jump down and run down the corridor that is on the right side after going a little further.

Keep going. A flashlight or lamp is recommended before reaching this location. After walking straight for a while, you will reach the ground of Shunning Underground.

You will find some rats here, but you can easily ignore them. Go straight and go down after turning left. Now take a few steps and turn left again to enter the door. Proceed to get the first article here from the free site.

Then walk away from this point and turn left after exiting the gate. Go through the door on the right and take the next left. From here, jump down the pipe first. Ignore the monster that appears on the way.

After crossing the stairs, turn left and go straight. You will also see a giant lobster along the way. Try to avoid it and then grab Mohg's handcuffs.

Mohg, the recommended level of omens and weaknesses

The recommended level to fight Mohg, the boss of Omen in the Elden Ring, is 70-80. You should try to defeat Mohg as soon as you reach or are close to the recommended level.

Mohg the Omen is weak to all physical attacks that deal damage, so basically any melee weapon is very useful in this boss fight.

Mohg, the omen strikes and strikes back


With this attack, Mohg throws his trident at you to deal damage. You can easily dodge or block this attack. Staying out of range or dodging both sides is effective.

blood flame

This attack has two variants. In the first variant, Mohg casts the omen of bloodfire in a wide arc. In the second variant, he will shoot bloody fire in a straight line.

To avoid the wide arc, you can either hide behind a pillar or move towards the boss to dodge it. Throws in a straight line can be easily avoided by rolling left or right.

trident combinations

This is a combo attack where Mohg swings the trident first, followed by a ground slam combo, and then an air slash combo. To dodge this attack, you need to keep an eye on the trident and time your evasive maneuvers.

Exploding Bloodflame Claw

This is a combo attack where the first Mohg grabs the air towards the target and explodes. This attack is also followed by a spear attack.

To counter this attack, you must first dodge the burst attack. You can also block it. After that you have to dodge the second part or block it if you have enough stamina.

How to defeat Mohg the Omen in Elden Ring

Mohg's attacks will be slow but powerful. These clunky animations help players get out of the way on time.

Also, he sometimes gets stuck on the pillars or ceiling while performing his Air Slash. So there is a chance to deal as much damage as possible before it recovers.

When Mohg is trapped, get closer and use Mohg's Shackle. Make sure you get a good combo when he attacks again. Repeat this entire sequence twice.

Mohg will also activate his Bloody Flame ability to surround himself. Refrain from attacking him while this ability is active as this will only stun him. So wait for the ability to run out and press R1 to deal with him effectively.

You have to pay attention to the movement of his right hand to guess and dodge his attack patterns in time.

Aside from his Rush ability, there are no two-handed physical attacks that players can expect from Mohg. It can attack you with a chance of both Bloody Flame and Rush Bull. So be careful at this point and keep your distance.

The next thing to try is to use two Blood Flame Sprays. Players can easily go through them, so turn left or right to avoid taking too much damage from this move.

Watch out for the second Blood Flame spray as it will roll right at you. Make sure you don't back up and back at this point.

There are two different types of Bloodflame Claw Skills you can try; The first one is fast and the other one is a bit delayed.

You can progress quickly, but make sure you don't go too deep into the combos and only land a hit or two. With the delay, the boss will try to lure you in by parrying the grab and then hit you if you get close to it. he can attack you with his forehand and backhand.

On the forehand attack, he places the bat on the ground and begins to set up the spell.

He will then attack with a right move coming from behind and moving forward. You can't get through this one as it will follow you and you could get hit.

The other is the backhand, where he brings his hand forward and hits you as soon as you return it. You can easily get past this attack.

This is all you need to know. There is no second phase of the fight and therefore players can focus on him from start to finish without running away.

Mohg, The Omen-Boss Cai

Defeating Mohg the Omen will reward you with Bloodflame Claws and 100,000 Runes.

How Mohg Cheese the Omen

To challenge Mohg the Omen in the Elden Ring, the first thing you need is the Arrow's Reach Talisman spell and Rock Sling, along with some staff so you can use it.

So what you have to do is when you get to the boss arena door, don't go inside. Instead of entering the boss area, you need to use the Rock Sling spell by standing in front of the door.

You can put all the tears you have in the jar of wonderful physics. Just use the spell in front of the door and eventually the boss will drop.

How to get into the secret room under the Mohg the Omen boss

To enter the secret room under Mohg, the Omen boss arena, you must first defeat the boss. After defeating the boss, you will discover the Place of Mercy right in front of the throne.

Now you must hit the throne with your weapon to open the way to the secret room. You can also open the chest in front of the throne to collect Earthtree's Favor. This area is linkedend of frenzy flame, one of the Elden Ringsmultiple endings. So accessing the secret room is pointless unless you're going for that specific ending.

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