The story is not black and white ... (2023)

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"The more a truth society is eliminated, the more the truth moves.
The more they hate those who speak. "

George Orwell (1903-1950),
British author.

The story is not black and white ... (3)
Article 19Universal Explanation of Human RightsConditions:"Everyone has the right to freedom of expression and expression. This right includes the freedom to maintain opinions without interference and search, receive and transfer information and ideas about media and independently of borders."Therefore, we claim the rights guaranteed in article 19 as international recognition, protection against censorship, which was recently determined by the Federal Republic on our website, particularly the "Bundesburo for the investigation of the media thatthey finance young people. "

In politics and history, two disciplines closely related to the cause and effect of effect relationships and a school of conventional thought, which is formed and guided by internships in investments and guided in any other matter in this case, avoided aIncomplete understanding of something more than only the officially approved SIDE that someone makes decisions and triggers well -founded conclusions.

Obviously, where a conventional thought school is useful for an establishment, allNO-The mineral visions are harmful to those who benefit from the status quo. These are people who prefer to think for themselves and/or say something that these conventional visions do not support, undesirable, and are often silenced. We are in scriptorium believes that this isClassic in publication, education and others and more in relation to the presentation of the story to the "consumer audience" and that a stress badge emphasizes one page while distorting the other and silence brings a practice standard,in particular in a recent story of Germany and World War II. Book trade that we trust the fact that it is not long.Committed the criminal, butcher and mass murder against German women, children and civilians in SudetenlandOr Banat, and when it was the last time you saw a movie or a television program about life and death in the concentration camps after the war (!) In the Rhine and in other places?The Dresde Valentine showlage will not defend the Hospital of the British and the Americans?What are you saying?Have you ever heard of these things? Well, that is exactly our argument.

For our efforts to make these things public, we were accused of "racism", "denial of the holocaust", "rewriting history", "warns", "the limits of freedom of expression" and the lists of "racism"or "hate." "Do you refer to the Ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia and other nations received indescribable brutalities? If it shows" racism "and" hate "NOus!Do we support criminal reprisals for these crimes? Never! All we want is for these facts to be recognized!- How is "rejection", for example, that some British writers of the early twentieth century, statesmen, etc.They had good things about Hitler and the rich in rich or show that the Germans were also victims of genocide and atrocities? Is "rewriting history" which indicates unpleasant historical facts such as "ABC", which are verified in other places, freedom canexclude themselves from the expression of reports of certain vitics because they are German.I am sorry to have said that, but not exactly that ... um ... "racism" and "prosperors."

Confirming information about everything we publish on this website, this is in abundance, but throughout the whole it is not open and for a good reason. TALL DRIP can begin an flood that could wash the basic concepts below. In the longest time, they are necessary idealists who oppose the great money that can be obtained in the main media to publish this story, which was forgotten by a true and balanced worldview, and to remember the victims who are less real crowned than such as suchtime those who have a prominent forum in the center of attention.

In scripttorium we are proud to make our contribution and we have published part of this information on the Internet., where you can reach your own conclusions and your understanding.

Since June 2005 in an annual evidence of the explanation of the author Oliver Hassencamp that"The lack of rational arguments generally leads to a prohibition", The Federal Authority of German censorship "Bundesche test agency for the investigation of the media that finance young people") has tried to force us to force oursarchiveHistorical books, etc., which violates a clearly undesirable positive light in German history, are responsible, so the fears of BPJM, of course, negatively influence young Germans in their normal development in well -informed and morally informed citizensbalanced from the Federal Republic.On the other hand, websites that stimulate hatred against Germany and the German people are obviously not considered similar to the "finances of young people." We do not know this case of censorship ordered by the Federal Republic).

We are citizens who comply with the law and we are always ready to work with the authorities, but even our cooperation resistance ends if this courtesy continuesSoloOf us after the BPJM has demonstrated all the conceivable cooperation (while this German Inquisition was not even adequate to confirm the preservation of the records, much less respond to our electronic consultations to receive information),We owe more Nolongitas to this Federal German Censorship Office of the highest authority. Although the organized position in the Americans is not under the German federal design and, therefore, it is not the federal mania of German censorship, the archive and the archive andIts history is subject to documents that the US law against the law is much more accessible again, even for the Germans.

It is known that a prohibition only makes it more interesting; and after many visitors to the website, we told ourselves that this official censorship attempt only increased its interest in what we have to say. Are you tired of having the same blank vision andBlack of history?Does the neck cheat every day through the establishment, whose acquired interest? A prejudiced vision of history that tramples our German history on the ground most of the time and uses the falsification and suppression of information to defame information about information such asCriminal, Castle and Carrera? Should the right of all maturity, namely, the many to inform the gray tones that are normally suppressed and draw your own conclusions from you?

Our website offers you the opportunity to do this!

The information we present here on our website should give an idea that "other side of the" known "currency" on the other side of the medal is uncomfortable and controversial information that does not correspond to the history of the history of the politically correct agendaAnd what should remain safe for this state in an Orwell Swep hole under the carpet!

For now,Our library through -line has specialized in specializingBooks in German,And the only books in English that we currently offer for sale are the following:
The case of Germany, Like this,
The story is not black and white ... (5) Czechosloval inside, Like this,
Death in Poland. The objective of ethnic Germans, Like this,
The story is not black and white ... (6) Documents for the designation of the German Germans, Like this,
Falsehood in war, Like this,
The story is not black and white ... (7) Past and future German colonization, Like this,
The Germans helped build America, Like this,
The story is not black and white ... (8) Long night trip a day: Lowicz's march -tanz, Like this,
The story is not black and white ... (9) Poland from within, Like this,
miWorm in the apple.
This can change in the future, but for the moment,Our approach in this English of our website will be for deliveryFull text documents in OuraThives- Historical documents, many of which have never been available in English.These translations are made and ©;Donations to support this work are grateful.

Click SpitzwegBuchTo visit our"Archive"And look for Goldonline documents!

The story is not black and white ... (10)
Here you will find alternatives
For the standard vision of history.
Draw your own conclusions,
Regardless of what is officially prescribed.

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The story is not black and white ... (18)The story is not black and white ... (19)The story is not black and white ... (20)The story is not black and white ... (21)The story is not black and white ... (22)

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