Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (2023)

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There are numerous reasons to choose LED lights for your car. Maybe you're trying to make your car stand out a little more at the next car meeting, or maybe you want something to get your kids a little more excited when they go for a drive.

Either way, LED lights can be just what you want. But you don't want to get your hopes up and spend a lot of money on lights that don't work, so we took our time.highlights ten of the best LED lights for your car interioryou can get it today.

In addition, we have developed a comprehensive Buyer's Guide to help you choose and install your new LED lights as soon as you receive them.

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Top 10 LED lights for your car interior

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (1)

1.Xprite RGB Bluetooth Light Bar– Best overall LED interior lighting for cars

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (2)

If you're looking for the best possible LED lights for your car interior, look no further than the Xprite RGB LED Car Interior Bluetooth Light Strip. This light strip kit really does it all. It's affordable to start with, but delivers top-notch results, giving you the best of both worlds.

It uses a Bluetooth app to control the lights, and there are plenty of options to control it. There are over 16 million RGB colors to choose from and you can adjust the overall brightness at the touch of a button.

There are four different light bars that can be installed with 18 lights on each bar, allowing you to install 72 different light bulbs with one kit.

The entire kit is extremely easy to install and use, allowing you to set it up in less than five minutes! Our only complaint with this LED interior light kit is that some colors don't look as bright as others. Not a big deal, but worth noting if you want the most vivid colors in all shades and shades.


  • A great combination of price and performance.
  • You can control colors with a mobile app
  • Adjustable brightness settings
  • easy to install
  • Contains 72 LED bulbs.
  • 16 million RGB color options
  • Four internal light bars.


  • Not all colors are very bright.

2.Given DE3175– Best budget

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (3)

If you're on a tighter budget but want LED lights in your car, the Giveubed DE3175 might be the way to go. They aren't LED indoor light bars like many of the options on our list, but you can get these LED lights in a variety of color options.

They're essentially aftermarket bulbs for your glove box or dome light and come in five different color options to choose from. Plus, they last a lot longer than traditional halogen bulbs, and six different bulbs are included, so you really don't have to worry about ordering new ones anytime soon.

To install these LED bulbs, simply remove the halogen and place the LED bulb, making installation one of the easiest options.

However, compared to LED strips, these lamps simply cannot compete. They don't have advanced features and don't allow you to add new lights to your vehicle. They're not a makeover in appearance, but they're a great budget option, and since you can change the color, it gives your vehicle a little more flair.


  • attractive price
  • super durable
  • easy to install
  • It comes with six bulbs.
  • Great replacement lamp.


  • Only works for ceiling lights and other existing lights.
  • No advanced features
  • Limited color options (5)

3.Opt7 Aura PRO car interior light kit- First choice

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (4)

If you're on a budget and want the best possible LED interior lighting for your car, the Opt7 Aura PRO interior lighting kit is for you. It's packed with advanced features that you'll love, and it delivers a level of results that other LED lighting kits simply can't match.

You have single and dual row light options available, giving you even more choice when deciding what you want. There are countless color options to choose from, and with color micro-adjustments, you can get the exact hue and tone of any color you want.

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To get the exact color you want, all you have to do is go into the app and select the one you want, and it will instantly change! Lights activate when you open a door, adding an extra touch to your ride.

But what really sets this interior LED lighting system apart is the sound sync system that works directly with Car Play. While some other systems offer this feature, they just don't work as well as the Opt7 Aura PRO.

Each single strip is equipped with 16 LED lights, which means the single strip is equipped with 64 LED lights, while the dual strip is equipped with an impressive 128 LED lights! With the Opt7 Aura PRO Car Interior Light Kit, running out of lights in your system is simply not an issue.


  • Very easy to use phone app
  • Single row and dual row options are available
  • easy to install
  • Color micro-adjustments for maximum customization
  • Includes sound sync that works with Car Play

4.Car LED Light Strip LEDCARE

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (5)

Although LEDCARE automotive LED strips fell out of our top 3, they came close. They do a lot of things well and are really something to consider when shopping for car interior LED lights.

They have 16 million different colors to choose from, giving you complete control over your vehicle's lights. In addition, there are 19 different preset color modes that allow you to control the exact environment in your vehicle.

Also, they have sound sensors that sync to the music you're playing, but they're not as accurate as the Opt7 Aura PRO music sync system. With LEDCARE car LED strips, you can also easily control the brightness of your lights by pressing a button in the app.

It's a slightly more expensive car LED system compared to many of the options on our list, but it's not as expensive as Opt7. Because of this, it's actually somewhere in the middle between our top pick and our premium pick.

But this is a good option, which is why you should take a good look at LEDCARE car LED strips before ordering.


  • 16 million colors to choose from
  • Bluetooth wireless control via an app
  • 19 preset color modes
  • Easily adjust brightness levels
  • Sound sensors are synchronized with the music.


  • a bit expensive

5.SUNPIE car interior LED light bar

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (6)

They're not our first choice, but they're very similar. The internal LED lighting system uses four different internal strips that you can control via a Bluetooth-enabled app, and there'smetric tonsof RGB color options to choose from and toggle with a single click.

But while you can control everything via an easy-to-use app, if you don't want to pull out your phone every time you want to control the lights, it also comes with a remote that you can place anywhere in your vehicle to control your lights.

Not only can you choose the colors of the lights, but you can also control the brightness so you don't have to completely turn it off while driving or in an environment where you don't want maximum brightness.

This system includes a music sync option, but it doesn't work as well. In fact, there are several reports that it even starts to behave during conversations. While that goes without saying, it's not one of the brightest options out there compared to other LED indoor lights.


  • It has an easy to use app.
  • Comes with a remote
  • Tons of RGB color options to choose from
  • Music sync included
  • Adjustable brightness settings


  • Sync functions do not work optimally
  • Not as bright as some options

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6.Govee LED car lights with APP control

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (7)

HeGoveeLED Car Lights with App Control is another LED interior lighting system that you can install in your vehicle without breaking the bank. But even without breaking the bank, this LED lighting system delivers top-notch results.

There are several ways to control these lights, including a Bluetooth app that lets you cycle through the various settings and controls with a single click. But one of the best features of this LED lighting system is a smart little control box that allows you to easily turn the system on and off.

It's extremely small and easy to assemble, allowing you to place it anywhere discreetly yet easily accessible and control everything through your lighting system.

Although this kit includes four LED strips, it uses two different cables to power them, making it much easier to route and hide the cables. All lights are also fully waterproof, so you don't have to worry about a little rain or puddles ruining your new lights.

Finally, these lights are easy to install and include a music sync feature, but they don't work optimally. Also, at some point you'll probably want to update the stickers on these lights, as they don't last very long.


  • Bluetooth controlled application
  • Smart control box for easy dimming
  • Includes music sync.
  • 2-wire design for less wires
  • waterproof design
  • easy to install


  • Not the best song dubbing.
  • Glue doesn't last anymore

7.Winzwon led car lights

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (8)

Winzwon LED Car Lights are lights you would love if you had never tried any of the above lights on our list. It includes an application with which you can easily change the light color and dim the light if necessary.

They're also easy to install and contain 48 LED lights that you can control. While 48 lights sounds impressive, most of the other kits on our list are between 60 and 70, and some even have over 100.

Another issue is the glue you use to mount the lights. They will work initially, but it's not the best glue, so over time the lights will fall off and you'll have to replace the glues.

After all, although this indoor LED lighting system claims to include a music sync function, it only works withquotedSongs on the app, not what you hear on the radio. This is a big step up from what other LED lighting systems with the same function offer.

While other music syncing features might not work to their best, they do a lot more than these offerings. Still, it's a budget-friendly option, and if you get your hands on this LED lighting system, you probably don't know what you're missing.


  • Easy-to-use app for maximum control
  • Tons of color options
  • easy to install
  • Contains 48 LED lights.


  • Not as many lights as other kits.
  • Not the best glue.
  • Music sync only works with pre-installed music

8.SUNNEST car LED lights

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (9)

In many ways theHEALTHIERLED car lights fall into the same category as Winzwon LED car lights. They do a good job, but they just can't compete with the other LED indoor lighting options on our list.

It uses 48 LED lights, which is more than enough to light things up, but not as much as other options on our list. The light strips are also completely waterproof, although you will need to keep the area around the connector completely dry.

While these lights are easy to install and use with the remote, there are some key features they're missing. First, it doesn't come with an app to control the lights. This isn't a big deal for some people, but not having this option is a little disappointing.

Second, you only have eight color options to choose from. offer other optionsmillionsof color options to cycle through, so that's a pretty steep drop to just eight.

However, it is a cheaper option. So if you're looking to add LED lights to your vehicle at the lowest possible price, SUNNEST LED lights fit the bill and you should take advantage of them even if you don't have as much control or customization.


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  • Contains 48 LED lights.
  • easy to install
  • waterproof light bars
  • Use a remote


  • has no application
  • Only eight color options to choose from
  • Not as many lights as other kits.


Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (10)

Even if you don't use an additional LED light strip for your vehicle, there are advantages to using LEDs for roof and glove box lighting. They last longer and give you more color options to choose from, so you really should consider purchasing WEIMELTOY LED headlamps for your vehicle.

They last significantly longer than halogen bulbs and come in packs of 12, so you don't have to worry about reordering them anytime soon. They're also easy to install and you can choose from six different color options.

However, they lack the advanced features that come with LED lighting strips and only work in areas where you already have dome or glove box lighting. Does not add additional lights to your vehicle.

But since these lights really do save you money in the long run, they're still a great option worth considering, especially if you already have a few bulbs in your vehicle that need replacing.


  • attractive price
  • easy to install
  • Durable replacement lamp.
  • Comes in a pack of 12


  • Only six color options to choose from
  • Only works for ceiling lights and other existing lights.
  • No advanced features

10Bombillas LED iBrightstar Festoon

Top 10 LED Interior Lights for Your Car [Updated 2023] (11)

The iBrightstar Festoon LED bulbs are the last LED lighting option on our list, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be considered. They beat out tons of other LED indoor lighting options to make our list, so they're worth checking out.

They are an extremely affordable option to start with and will actually save you money when replacing halogen bulbs in the long run. However, they only replace the dome lights and glove box lights, as opposed to the LED light bars that help illuminate the vehicle.

The bulbs themselves are extremely bright and last about five times longer than a halogen bulb, so you won't need to replace them any time soon. Plus, they work on most vehicles and even come in multiple sizes to ensure you have an option that works for you.

However, as it is a dome light and a glove box light, they lack advanced features and there are only seven color options to choose from. Not only that, but you can't change the color. You order a specific color and that's what you get.

They're not perfect, but they can change the overall look of your vehicle without breaking the bank.


  • attractive price
  • Multiple size options to choose from
  • Very bright and durable lamp.
  • Works on most vehicles.


  • Only seven color options to choose from
  • Only works for ceiling lights and other existing lights.
  • No advanced features

LED lights buyer's guide

With so many great indoor LED lighting options, it can be challenging to narrow it all down to just one. We totally understand, which is why we've developed this comprehensive Buyer's Guide to walk you through everything you need to know before making your purchase.

Also, here are some tips for you on how to install your lights when you finally receive them!

Light strips versus regular LED bulbs

When you talk about LED interior lights for your car, there are actually two different types of lights you could be talking about. We've highlighted both types of bulbs in our list, but you still need to know about both before making any decisions.

The first type to consider are LED light bars. These strips usually connect to a cigarette lighter socket and you mount them under various components inside it. These light strips typically include 12 to 18 lights per strip, and the goal is to create as much light as possible.

These light strips often allow you to change colors, vibrate to music, and change brightness to suit different settings. These types of headlights are real accessories, and while you don't need them, they help set your vehicle apart.

The other type of LED interior lighting for your car is a typical LED bulb. These bulbs plug into regular sockets and serve a functional purpose. These are usually the lights on the roof or in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

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When replacing the bulb, you can get a brighter option and choose different colors, but they won't light up the entire interior of your vehicle. They are not the same and you can buy both, but know what you are buying and what you want for your vehicle!

Advantages of LED lights

Whether you're looking for an LED light bar or a replacement LED bulb, LED lights have several key advantages over halogen bulbs. First they become much lighter. Second, while halogen bulbs generate a lot of heat when you use them, LED bulbs generate almost no heat.

Third, LED bulbs generally last longer than halogen bulbs. While you don't want to step on them and stand on them, they can handle more of this activity than your average halogen bulb. They're just harder to break, and if they do break, they shouldn't break and make a big mess that you'll have to clean up like you would a halogen bulb.

After all, LED bulbs typically last five to ten times longer than halogen bulbs. Even if they cost a little more at first, when you consider how long they last, you're actually getting a better deal and saving money in the long run.

In short, when faced with the choice between halogen and LED bulbs, it's almost always better to go with LED bulbs, even if you're paying a little more for the purchase price.

Installation of your LED interior lighting

Once you receive your new indoor LED lights in the mail, it's time to install them. Since installing LED bulbs is no different than installing any other type of bulb, our focus here is on indoor LED strips.

The first thing to do when installing these lights is to find the perfect spot on your vehicle to mount them. Ideally, find a plastic trim surface for the adhesive to adhere to.

You also want to see if you can't find a spot where you can't see the LED light strip itself, but the light has a clear way of pointing at a visible surface. There are usually many options for this in your vehicle, but you must choose the location wisely.

The next thing to consider is the cables. You should glue them as much as possible and place them in an area where they are not easily visible.

Finally, you want to make sure the cables aren't in an area where you could accidentally trip over them or knock them out of position. Making them as succinct as possible is the best way to help with this.

While it doesn't seem like you have anything to worry about, installing these LED strips is easy, so you really don't have to worry!

How many LED lights do you need?

There's no wrong answer here, and in our opinion, as long as you can dim and control your lights, you can't have too many!

The choice is entirely yours, but we recommend going with at leastat least48 LED lights so you can always light up your interior. So start with at least 48 and try to light your vehicle even higher from there.

Bear in mind, however, that most of these plugin systems don't allow you to add more lights after the fact, so you might get exactly what you want the first time.

Controla tus luces LED

Having LED lights on your car is great, but you really want a way to control them so you can change the brightness and color modes whenever you want.

Most of the options on our list come with a mobile app, but you don't want to be on your phone while driving. That's why we prefer models that offer both a mobile app and a physical controller that you can mount in your vehicle.

While it's not always possible to change the colors of the drivers' LED lights, it's important to be able to dim them or turn them off completely while driving.

How do they have so many color options?

Some of the LED light bars providemillionsof color options, but how do they do it and how do they keep choosing a color from being difficult?

Essentially, these systems use a color wheel where colors are mixed together, and all you have to do is tap a spot on the color wheel to pick your color. That way, you can get any shade of any color you can think of and open up just about any color out there.

It's an amazing feature that's easy to use and allows you to bring your favorite colors and shades into the vehicle via the LED lights.

LED lights and driving

Every time you drive down the street, you must be aware of the lights that are on in your vehicle. Although some people seem to think that it is illegal to drive with the interior lights on, this is not the case.

However, they can make it difficult to see the outside of the vehicle, which can lead to an accident. Also, driving with the blue courtesy light on could result in a completely different situation.

The exact laws regarding blue interior lights vary by location, but as a general rule, it's best to avoid interior blue lights, as other drivers might think you're a police officer.

While it is legal to drive with your interior lights on, we recommend that you dim them at least one level lower while driving to maintain optimal visibility and avoid accidents.

music sync!

This is nothing more than a fun feature, but if you're shopping for a fun accessory for your vehicle, there's nothing wrong with prioritizing a fun feature they offer.

Note that the music sync feature doesn't necessarily work better on most models, and all they do is use a microphone to emphasize the beat of the music and pulsate with it.

Still, it's a fun feature that kids and adults alike love, so there's no reason not to use it, even if it's not always perfectly timed to the beat of the music!

final thoughts

There's no doubt that LED lights can help your car stand out and can make a long drive or morning commute a little more enjoyable. They don't cost much and are easy to install, so there's really no reason why you can't place a few orders and have them installed in your vehicle quickly.

There really is no reason to put it off, order them and improve your vehicle's appearance in no time!


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