Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (2023)

After NVIDIA released the RTX 3090, PC gamers can breathe again for a few years. The PS5 will go on sale on November 12 (US and Japan only), 2 days after the Xbox Series X. But they are no match for the new GPUs.

The end result is:

If you want to play the best games, agame consolewill not cut Newer games are getting bigger and hungrier, some even in 4K DLC for the ultimate gaming experience. PS5 or Xbox X cannot deliver the necessary graphics at 60fps.

This is exactly why it is better to invest in an upgraded gaming PC to enjoy bigger and bigger PC games for at least the next 2 years.

Why are the best games so great?

If you play Warzone, please do us a favor. Check the GBs game folder. (More on that later in this article!)

Think of it like this:What makes a great game?

The simplest answer is:the most.

You want at least 100 hours of content, expensive graphics, and a proper game engine running underneath.

What is the problem?

The best games are big.!

Similarly, the largest PC games with the largest game file sizes are often ranked as the best games available. How simple!

So if you want to play the best games, you're better off upgrading your PC with the latest future-proof gaming hardware than the next PS5 or Xbox X.


You are ready to try the best games ever. Thanks later!

The largest PC games with the largest file size

10. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (1)
  • game size:Hairless 100 GB*
  • Release date from:3thirdNovember 2016
  • Developer:infinite guard

Move through World War II and go straight into space.

Infinite Warfare is an experimental encounter for the franchise and where else can you experience it than directly in space. Cool laser cannons, cool spaceships and company - Infinity Ward wanted to venture into the unknown and they did.

A remarkably rewarding campaign, plenty of side quests, and some gorgeously designed graphics will surprise you later. Infinite Warfare is "War" with fast-paced action and hard-hitting combat arenas (even on Normal difficulty!). There is nothing to hate about this game.

Just make sure you have an open mind when learning low gravity combat moves. Master them or you will have a rough ride.

That's where the heads went wrong at IW.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is not for everyone for aliens. It's too sophisticated. At the end of the day, how many players would sit down and practice their space combat skills before embarking on a mission? Not many and that is the reality.

Play Infinity Warfare if you're willing to put in a few extra hours stopping players.

Worth it.

Come here!

9. Red Dead Redemption 2

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (2)
  • game size:100+ GB
  • Release date from:26ºOctober 2018
  • Developer:rockstar studios

A game you can keep playing.

(Video) The 10 Biggest PC Games by file size

More than 2,000 people worked on Red Dead Redemption 2. a Wonder RDR2 does not have the largest game file size.

Take GTA V (around 80 GB in case you're wondering why it's not on this list), go back to the era of cowboy outlaws, and make it a lot more intuitive – RDR2 is one of video games of all time, and not only that it is one of thegraphically demandingfurther.

You're sure to find Red Dead Redemption 2 on any serious gamer's wish list. The sheer number of actions/interactions you can perform in this game makes for an epic sandbox.

It's a world of its own, small compared to Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, but with endless simulations. You can literally live the life of a thug, in this case consciously like Arthur Morgan.

RDR2 offers epic proportions with over 80 hours of main story and countless more in multiplayer. There is probably nothing I don't like about this game.

That is, unless you prefer your Fortnite or Warzone Battle Royale!

Come here!

8. Assassin 2

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (3)
  • game size:111 GB*
  • Release date from:13ºNovember 2018
  • Developer:Interactive I/O

The best reboot in video game history?

From movie to movie, if you haven't played Agent 47, you don't deserve to play any shooter. Hitman 2, the latest version from IO Interactive, lives up to the hype as the best (and biggest) game in the series.

That's what happens when you start giving in to a few bad reviews. subtle adjustments in 3thirdPersonal vision (which has never been the best), a huge open world full of possibilities, gorgeously rendered graphics, and better object interaction: Hitman 2 hits the spot again since the 2016 reboot.

Consider this the best sandbox game experience for murder and the like. From the Miami sun to the Mumbai slums, Hitman 2 will take you places and you'll enjoy every detail.

A new set of weapons, an intriguing story, a memorable ending – no, these are the things you don't get yet.

Strange.Agent 47 could do well with some drones and other tactical equipment.thrown in. Wolfenstein-like limited ammunition and other realism make this difficult unless you're quest-oriented. But that is far from it.

The best we can say is thatHitman 2 is an improvement.The best graphics and gameplay.. If you don't find it funny enough, it's just not your thing.

Come here!

7. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (4)
  • game size:122 GB*
  • Release date from:19ºAugust 2015
  • Developer:Trearch usw.

Is this the best sci-fi Call of Duty?

Black Ops introduced a whole new gameplay to the CoD franchise, which it has capitalized on quite successfully. Black Ops III is (arguably) the icing on the cake, the biggest and best game ever made in the parallel Black Ops franchise.

Black Ops III is constantly improving innovative additions to the game. Player power-ups are the mainstay of the game and they are fun. Throw in some right tactics and you've got co-op/multiplayer that's fast-paced, action-packed, and outrageously rewarding.

Compiling a list of the best things a sci-fi FPS must have; Black Ops III has most of these in spades.

What is the problem?

For a game larger than 100 GB,The single player campaign lasts a maximum of 15 hours., and that's when you're not goodfirst person shooter games. Also, you may not like repetition either. This is one of the few CoD games where you feel overwhelmed and not comfortable the second time around.

CoD: Black of Ops III is an explosive sci-fi FPS on steroids, but the fun ends too soon.

Come here!

6. Team War 4

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (5)
(Video) Top 10 Biggest PC Games By File Size,Ranked || Getpet
  • game size:130 GB*
  • Release date from:11ºOctober 2016
  • Developer:the coalition

Made just for Gears of War fans

Gears of War opened up a whole new world of shooter games in 2006. 10 years and 2 updates later, Gears of War 4 takes over. And this game is all about taking up the mantle, from old school to new awesomeness.

Yes, you will get new weapons, enemies, abilities, among other things. GoW 4 is a renewal. It is beautiful in every frame.

The enemies are uglier and smarter. Cooperative multiplayer is more fun than ever, thanks in part to what's new.unreal engineit runs below and in part because your PC can handle a lot more than it could 10 years ago.

in his prime,GoW4 isRemastered Nostalgia. It is an old wine, a new bottle, made with care and with a bit of sparkle.

There are some innovative new gameplay techniques and surprises along the way. However, they will leave a lot to be desired. (Gears of War 5 is not what you want!)

GoW 4 scores as a standalone game and even as a sequel to a highly successful trilogy of games.Worth playing if you like big guns.. Let us know if he gets headshot!

Come here!

5.Final Fantasy XV

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (6)
  • game size:155 GB*
  • Release date from:29ºNovember 2016
  • Developer:Square Enix, etc

The best a westernized JRPG can be.

The problem with living up to expectations when you're a 14-game RPG series is that you can never achieve it. Final Fantasy XV puts a lot of effort into a lot of content,some of the best role playing gamesGraphics still and most of the time it works pretty well.

There is no doubt that FF XV features graphics and little attention to detail. The world is big and beautiful. We recommend the Windows Edition 4K package to play all episodes with 4 characters.

As an RPG, the script is perfectly sensible and littered with bits and pieces. The real-time battles show off some brilliant animations. Also, side quests are handsomely rewarded.

But why can't an RPG be a typical RPG?

Unless you prefer clichéd emo-style statements, childish real-time combat techniques, anime enemies, and well-dressed men, FF XV is for Final Fantasy players only.

This could be the best Final Fantasy yetwith the largest file size in the game. And that's all that FF XV has to offer.

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4. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (7)
  • game size:150 GB*
  • Release date from:18. August 2020
  • Developer:Microsoft Corp., Asobo Studio, etc.

More of a technological marvel than a video game

First of all, Microsoft Flight Simulator is not just a video game. yes, but on the other handFS 2020 simulates the entire planet by extracting essential data from Bing Maps. How can this be just a video game?

Perhaps the best way to describe FS 2020 is suddenly getting a pilot's license, some planes, and free fuel to fly around the world. The amount of detail you can see depends on your graphics card and PC.

However, if you have the computing resources you need, you can use Microsoft! At ultra-high graphics settings, it's hard to tell the difference between a photo and a FS 2020 screenshot.

Busy cities at 10,000 feet are almost photorealistic. What other thing,The gameplay is a puritan's paradise., and it is possible that later you will be encouraged to try your pilot's license (think!)

FS 2020 is aflight simulator gamewith a perfectly developed physics engine. It is the largest game of its kind ever created.

So why isn't this the best selling game yet?

That is becauseIt is a simulator faithful to the latest code.. A rigorous introductory course, 10-minute runway exits, a hundred forced landings later, maybe you can finally fly a plane! The question is, are you ready for this?

(Video) Top 10 Biggest PC Games by File Size Ranked 2020

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3. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (8)
  • game size:165 GB*
  • Release date from:1S tOctober 2019
  • Developer:bungie

A game that ages with you.

As far as larger game file sizes go, we're certainly at the end of the deal. Destiny 2 started out at just under 80GB. But with several doublesDLCsince its release. Surprisingly few complaints about the 165 gigabytes they take up on their drives.

Destiny 2 rewards its loyal players with a continuous stream of expansions, updates, improvements, additions, etc.

Bungie excelled by mixing new content with revived old content and an overarching story that draws 120,000 players on Steam alone.

What is the best part?

There is always an expansion in the works, another step towards the ever present but unknown enemy.Destiny 2 allows you to spend hours shooting, modding, hunting, stockpiling, crafting, developing new weapons and armor.!

However, if you finish a somewhat anticlimactic campaign mode peak, you'll be left with plenty of mundane activities. Things can slow down and you might suddenly consider not logging in that day. Only then.

This is where Destiny 2 gets in the way. Although it is a base for bigger work, we look forward to the next expansion version. Or just go back toSkyrimagain.

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2. Quantum disorder

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (9)
  • game size:175+GB*
  • Release date from:5ºapril 2016
  • Developer:entertainment remedy

Bending the laws of time, a little too hard.

Quantum Break will hit you hard and you will lose track of time, that's a good thing.Remedy, the same gaming house that launched the legendary Max Payne seriesWith QB he caused a lot of cheers, at least in the early hours of the morning.

Here is a game scenario for you. Shoot your target. Now stop time and flank the target. While the clock is still stopped, take another photo. and play

This is Quantum Break, an awesome time control.Third person shooterIt will drive you crazy with the amazing gameplay.

Spoiler alertwhat you actually do (or is it?) has consequences chained to what happens on a live TV show running at the same time as your actions. The perfect next-gen third-person shooter?

This is exactly what we were thinking before as everything felt very well coordinated as the game progressed.Quantum Break makes you so deadly you're too good for the game. The first half gets you so carried away that there's little to play for, but a story well told.

Quantum Break could have been so much more than one of the best PC games of all time. Ironically the largest game file size without expansion packsit will only keep you busy for 12 hours(No typo).

Come here!

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Top 10 PC Games - Biggest File Size (Ranked) (10)
  • game size:200+GB
  • Release date from:23thirdAugust 2019
  • Developer:Save indefinitely, etc.

The biggest game in the world and the best FPS so far.

Modern Warfare 2019 received mixed reviews, with some loyalists considering itthe best call of duty in yearsand some chide the franchise for going along with the FIFA-like (or iPhones/iPads) marketing gimmick.

The thing is, this 2019 iteration is theCoD with the second highest earnings to date after Black Ops. The single player campaign lasts around 14 hours, if not less.


You will record every second of it.

(Video) The Top 10 Biggest PC Games: Largest File Size (Ranked)

It's the same story with a Russian background in a fictional Middle Eastern country. But Modern Warfare is too good. Narrowlyphotorealistic graphics, great shooting, and additional gameplay improvements make it a great answer.

have more:

Go beyond single player and find yourself in Maybethe most addictive online FPS world ever created. Train in land mode or keep it simple in Battle Royale – the online multiplayer, codenamed Warzone, is a huge hit. So much so that it's now free to play the franchise yourself.

Frequent game updates with new maps, customizable weapons, skins, etc. Increase the size of the game beyond the 200 GB mark.

However, we don't care.Just make sure you get a 512GB SSD if you plan to play Warzone for years to come..

This is the largest game file size out there, and after a few weeks of multiplayer, you won't hesitate to add another 100 when that happens. (Will be!)

*Please note that game file sizes may include the base game file size along with additional DLC, expansion packs, add-on content, 4K pack file sizes and their respective sizes.!

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The world's greatest games are great primarily because of the sheer amount of graphical rendering required to deliver the gameplay. By comparison, CS:GO is still shrinking by 16GB, with outdated gameplay, textures, and rendering techniques. However, it still maintains a large number of active players. So bigger is not always better.

However, bigger can mean expensive graphics and a heavy campaign/story. For example. Deus Ex: Mankind, DOTA 2, Halo 5, The Last of Us 2 are huge games with a file size of almost 100 GB.

Either way, these are the best PC games to date, and they're pretty good on their own!

We will continually update this list!

frequent questions

How many GB does Call of Duty Modern Warfare have?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a base game file size of over 200GB on PC and just under 200GB on PS4 and Xbox. Modern Warfare has the largest game file size in the world and is also one of the most popular games.

What is the best Xbox game?

The biggest Xbox game is Gears of War 4 with a file size of around 100 GB, which can be expanded up to 120 GB with expansions and DLC. Halo 5 is just as big, too, almost 100GB of content.

What is the best PS4 game?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, including Warzone, is the biggest game on PS4. Frequent updates and additions to the base game on PC, as well as the online game format, have continually added GB to MW over the past year. A recent 51 GB PS4 update has led many gamers to look into PS4 external storage options.

How many GB is GTA 5?

GTA 5 is marked as a 72 GB PC download on Steam. However, the game file size can reach over 90 GB or even more with additional DLC and other mods.

Is No Man's Sky the best game ever?

No Man's Sky is the largest video game map ever created. Designed as a procedurally generated world, the game engine keeps generating new worlds as the game progresses. The game world of No Man's Sky replicates that of the universe, which is infinite to our senses.

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 the best game ever?

RDR2 is notlargest set of all card sizesor the size of the game file. However, it is often cited as the best game of all time and also the most graphically rich thanks to its extensive gameplay options and features.

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 bigger than Skyrim?

In terms of map size, RDR2 is at least twice the size of Skyrim. However, when comparing game file sizes, RDR2 easily surpasses the 100GB mark, while Skyrim is a modest 12GB download.


How many GB does Fortnite have?

Fortnite is less than 60 GB. But as the updates come quickly, the game file size will keep increasing. The current Fortnite Battle Royale game file size for PC downloads is 17.5 GB.


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