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Torn between VS1 and VVS2 clarity for your engagement ring?

In this tutorial we will compare and contrast all the details you need to know about VS1 and VVS2 diamonds such as:

VS1 vs VVS2 Diamond Transparency: Which is Better? | LearningJewelry.com™ (1)

  • Are VVS2 diamonds worth it?
  • Do VS1 diamonds have obvious inclusions?
  • Are VVS2 diamonds always more expensive?
  • Is VVS2 better than VS1?

What does this guide say?

What is a VS1 diamond?

What is a VVS2 diamond?

What is diamond clarity?

What is a VS1 diamond?

VS1 diamonds are diamonds that have been awarded thisClarity grade of the diamondfrom Very Little Included. VS1 diamonds have the higher clarity grade of the two VS diamond clarity grades.

VS1 and VS2 diamonds are the first grades of clarity that are considered clear to the eye. Eye clean diamonds are diamonds that have no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

VS1 vs VVS2 Diamond Transparency: Which is Better? | LearningJewelry.com™ (2)

Example of inclusions found in a 1 carat VS1 clarity diamond with an excellent cut at 40x magnification

Although both VS clarity grades are clear to the eye, inclusions in a VS1 diamond are less noticeable and noticeable than inclusions in VS2 diamonds.

What is a VVS2 diamond?

A VVS2 diamond is the lowest of the "Very, Very Slightly Included" clarity grades. Like VS1 and VS2 diamonds, the VVS diamond level consists ofVVS1 along with VVS2 diamonds.

VS1 vs VVS2 Diamond Transparency: Which is Better? | LearningJewelry.com™ (3)

Example of surface imperfections found at 40x magnification in a 1 carat VVS2 clarity diamond with excellent cut

A VVS2 diamond is higher on the clarity scale than a VS1 diamond, which is one clarity lower. They are also diamonds for the eyes. They have very, very small inclusions visible at 10x magnification.

What is diamond clarity?

You might not understand the word "inclusions" if you don't know much about diamond clarity. Don't be afraid, I've got you.

Inclusions are natural features found in all diamonds, including flawless ones. Although it is a general term, includes are divided into internal and external includes. In the trade, external inclusions are referred to as spots.

VS1 vs VVS2 Diamond Transparency: Which is Better? | LearningJewelry.com™ (4)

Surface flaws in SI2 diamonds at 40x magnification

VS1 vs VVS2 Diamond Transparency: Which is Better? | LearningJewelry.com™ (5)

Internal inclusions in SI2 diamond at 40x magnification

Flaws are found on the surface of a diamond. Not just the advice either. A diamond has many facets and there can be imperfections in each of them. You can also find flaws on the underside of a diamond.

A diamond is assigned a clarity grade based on its detailsinclusions and imperfectionsfound inside the diamond. Diamond examiners evaluate the following details about inclusions and imperfections in a diamond to determine clarity:

  • Size: The size of inclusions and imperfections present.
  • Location: Inclusions and defects located on the central face of the diamond table tend to be more noticeable than inclusions located on the outer edges or the pavilion.
  • Colour: Most commercially sold diamonds have white or dark inclusions. Dark inclusions stand out more clearly than white ones. Diamonds can even have colored inclusions caused by other gemstone materials such asgarnets or emeralds. These are not sold commercially.
  • Nature: There are many types of inclusions and attributes. Some types can affect durability, others only visibility. Some inclusions are created by the growing process, others are created during the cutting and polishing process.
  • relief: The appearance of confinement or imperfection in relation to the environment. Basically, the appearance of an inclusion depends on the aspects surrounding it.

It is important to know that there are many types of incarceration. Most of the time, inclusions are a visible feature of your diamond. But in some cases, some lower clarity inclusions can make the diamond vulnerable if struck in the wrong place.

However, these endangered gems can usually be found on sellers like Facebook and Etsy.

Die GIA-Klarheitsskala

Diamond clarity grades are indicated accordinglyGemological Institute of AmericaDiamond clarity scale. The GIA also states that the entire industry follows diamond quality standards.

This is the GIA clarity scale:

VS1 vs VVS2 Diamond Transparency: Which is Better? | LearningJewelry.com™ (6)

Similarities between VS1 and VVS2 diamonds

VS1 and VVS2 clarity diamonds are considered clear to the eyes

If you had to hire oneDiamond VS1When we put a ring next to a VVS2 engagement ring, we can't tell the difference. You take a 50/50 guess and hope you're right.

VS1 vs VVS2 Diamond Transparency: Which is Better? | LearningJewelry.com™ (7)

Diamond VS1 at 10x magnification

VS1 vs VVS2 Diamond Transparency: Which is Better? | LearningJewelry.com™ (8)

VVS2 diamond at 10x magnification

If you hold one of the rings close to your eye, you cannot see the inclusions in any of them. Most people won't be that close to their engagement ring anyway.

None of these qualities have dark inclusions that detract from the overall beauty of your diamond. Inclusions are visible only at 10x magnification and above.

Neither VS1 nor VVS2 diamonds have inclusions that affect their diamond integrity

Although VS1 and VVS2 diamonds are not visually harmful, they still show inclusions when magnified. But none of the inclusions affect the diamond's structure or visual appearance.

You should not see dark inclusions in aDiamond VS1, but there is always the possibility of a single dark confinement in the ground from a less screening laboratory.

You should never be able to see dark inclusions in a VVS2 diamond. Surface imperfections in a VVS2 diamond are barely noticeable and cannot affect the durability of your diamond.

Differences between VS1 and VVS2 diamonds

VVS2 diamonds tend to be more expensive than VS1 diamonds

You can expect a VVS2 diamond to cost up to 15% more than a VS1 diamond of the same quality and carat weight. diamonds inVVS-KlarheitsgradThey make up less than 0.5% of commercial grade diamonds, so rarity affects price. For larger carat weights, such as a diamond of 3 carats or more, you can expect an even heavier weight.

However, not all VVS2 diamonds are more expensive than all VS1 diamonds. The price of a diamond is not only determined by its clarity, but many other factors also contribute to its value.

die 4Csare important in determining the price of the diamond, but other factors can also have a small or large effect on the price of the diamond.

Some of the other most important factors are:

  • cutting quality
  • color gradations
  • carat weight
  • Diamant-Form
  • Diamond certification
  • Online vs im Laden
  • Brand/Retailer
  • Colorless vs fancy color
  • Natural mined diamonds vs lab grown diamonds

And those are just the big factors. If the details are mixed between a VS1 diamond and a VVS2 diamond, the VS1 diamond may cost more.

The price for VS1 and VVS2 lab grown diamonds

If you want to save money when buying diamonds of any clarity, then lab grown diamonds may be the right choice for you.

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds.which follow the same quality standards as natural diamonds.

Inclusions are most easily seen in VS1 diamonds under magnification

At both degrees of purity, inclusions can be seen under magnification. The clarity characteristics of VS1 diamonds are more prominent than the inclusions in VVS2 diamonds.

When you buy a diamond online, they usually have viewing windows that allow you to see every detail of a loose diamond. Best practices allow you to move the diamond back and forth to observe how clarity imperfections interact with the diamond's light output.

These viewers typically achieve much more than the 10x magnification they are rated for. James Allen's fields are set to 40x magnification.

VS1 clarity diamond inclusions may include mineral crystals, clouds, needles or bubbles. The inclusions in a VVS2 diamond are usually small dots, complex natural clusters and internal grains.

What to buy: VS1 diamonds or VVS2 diamonds?

Both VS1 and VVS2 diamonds arepure diamonds for the eyesand are considered qualities with high clarity. Although they are next to each other on the GIA clarity scale.

The individual differences between the two degrees of purity are minimal, but must be taken into account. VVS2 diamonds can be up to 15% more expensive than VS1 diamonds of similar quality.

Under magnification you will notice the differences in clarity between VS1 diamonds and VVS2 diamonds. However, if you look at them with the naked eye, you can tell which is which.

But none of a diamond's clarity grades are necessarily "better" than another. A VVS2 diamond is worth more and is considered rarer and more valuable. But if this is not important to you, you can consider the cheaper price of a VS1 diamond.

If you want to hear my opinion, you can find it here. I love diamonds and I love high quality diamonds. However, I don't have the budget to buy the rarest and most expensive diamonds. And if VVS2 diamonds look the same asThe VS1 gemWhy should I pay more if I look at them?

No one but me will look at my diamond magnified before I buy it. I prefer to save money to have the same visual appearance.

I hope you have a good understanding of the similarities and differences between a VS1 diamond and a VVS2 diamond. Remember: whatever you choose, make sure you don't sacrifice other important diamond quality details to achieve the best level of clarity.


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